Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who is dividing India?

The BJP was ruling at Gujarat and at the centre when a four day riot killed 2000 Muslims and Hindus in 2002. Despicable, yes!

The Congress and the UPA are rule at the centre over the last 9 years has been charcterised by communal politics targeted at the Muslim vote bank like setting special courts for 'terror cases involving Minorities' and irresponsible statements portraying themselves as the self proclaimed guardians of minorities.

So, who's polarising the country more? A one decade old incident or every day divisive anti-national politics?

There are hordes of politicians from the congress, the BJP and every other teeny weeny political party who have been playing caste based vote bank politics with reservations, inter-caste rivalry, honour killings etc. There seems to be hardly any difference between the British who divided to rule us before independence and the majority of the current political class.

Doesn't Modi who has never played any caste based politics stand out as a Beacon of hope?
Have we as a nation forgotten that it's unity that gives us strength?
Doesn't this great nation deserve better?
INDIA deserves to be MODIfied... starting 2014!
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