Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rape by touch

Some time back on board a local AC bus, where all the seats were taken except one next to a young lady with a kid, a 50 something old man got in and the conductor asked him to occupy the empty seat. For 2 minutes the lady started yelling about how she can possibly sit next to a male... blah blah... I was sitting next to a lady, so I offered to exchange my seats with her ending the ruckus.

Last week, on board another 'luxury' local bus that has two rows of double individual seats just like the AC bus, a 20 something girl asked a 20 something guy if he would mind her sitting next to him, he immediately jumped out leaving her to occupy the seat. Chivalry? Yeah, and he stood for the next half hour beside the door. I think more of foolishness and immaturity.

I'm sure if you had traveled by the local bus you would've noticed women demanding, fighting for the ladies seats on the left side of the bus while other women are occupying seats in the left half of the bus.

While I've seen several such 'scenes' with much amusement in Tamil Nadu. I've never seen this happening at any of the other places I've visited... Only in Tamil Nadu it seems, people can be raped by touch!