Saturday, June 23, 2012

Are we a nation of mediocrity?

When my patients, who are predominantly rural, return for a review, I ask them if their eyes good, often I get a response that they're okay. When I quiz them further about why they're just okay and not good, more often than not there is no answer...

There's a restaurant that I frequent to get my daily dose of caffeine, I'm so regular that most waiters just bring my type of coffee as soon as I walk in even without me even gesturing to them. One of the regular waiter there asks me every time 'Sir, is the coffee average?' I respond it's good. To this day he unfailingly asks me everyday if my coffee is average!

Is this a suburban/rural phenomenon reflective of the general mindset of the people? Is it restricted to Kanchipuram or is this how all our people think?

Composed this on my mobile while waiting for my coffee and here comes my favourite waiter, gottago... :)
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