Saturday, September 10, 2011

How many more should Die?

How many more of us should we lose to terrorism before we as a nation take decisive action against terrorism?

How long are we gonna rest on the laurels of capturing Ajmal Kasab alive? If we can't even show resolve in punishing Kasab and Afzal Guru what about the zillion other things we need to do?

If USA can be free of terrorist attacks for a decade why shouldn't we be too? Aren't we supposed to have one of the world's best security forces? Isn't that what the home minister tells us so often?

Isn't USA free of terrorism because they have taken the battle to the terrorists training camps and safe havens? When are we gonna even think about culling this menace at the source?

Isn't it well known to the government that there are terrorist training camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir? Does the government even allow maps to published showing PoK? Even if we don't wanna attack another country (Pakistan) why can't we attack training camps in our Kashmir occupied by Pakistan?

How long are we gonna believe our government who are only worried about vote banks and go around hooting that saffron terrorism is a greater threat than that from across the LoC while our people continue to die?

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