Sunday, November 16, 2008

Encounters of the Third Kind!

Warning: May seem insensitive to those who haven't experienced all what I've gone through!

The week before I left for New Delhi, when Y text-ed me, asking if I was scared of Eunuchs... I sent a big YES in a flash! She started laughing... But it brought a flood of memories... I had just been reminded of one more reason why I shouldn't be looking forward to the impending train journeys :(

Riots were just subsiding in Gujarat, a group of 6 bold 20 year olds, we undertook our summer trip to Himachal Pradesh... It was a un planned series of treks and happy memories packed in 13 days @ 5000 bucks a head! When we were heading to New Delhi by GT, somewhere in MP... a bunch of Eunuchs got into the train and started begging... we ignored them like we were ignoring all other 'normal' beggars and continued playing amongst ourselves. Suddenly they started doing funny things and one of them pinched P's dick!! :-O Shocked... we coughed up 50 bucks!

Our happiest trip ever done... we were on our way back, the eunuchs were back. Neither of us were anywhere near our cabin when they came. While P and some others hid inside the toilet, I ran off to the next compartment!

Thanks to Capt. Gopinath I've been flying quite a bit in the last 2 years... 2 train journeys together after quite a while. Started off to Delhi by the night TN... we (different group of people this time... my room mates and some others) were having breakfast the next morning when the eunuchs came. I was sitting near the path and squirming in my seat hiding my private parts with newspaper and food :( The 'good' eunuchs just passed us since we were eating... PHEW!

We weren't so lucky 3 days later during our return... I was happily near the window this time! They came sat down next to us and started 'asking', for a while, we all  ignored them. One started rubbing my friend's thigh and the rest started clapping! They left only after we gave up some of our money to rescue our friend...

After they left we started sharing our 'horror' stories... While some had been kissed and pinched (yeah there!) one had breasts thrust against his face, one was kissed in front of his father :-/

No why wouldn't I be scared of these 'extortionists'?

As a doc... I understand the reason why they exist and am not scared of seeing them as patients or like normal people in normal jobs. Unlike most other people my fear for them is not irrational... But, using lay people's fear into coughing up money and intimidating them to achieve that, is not begging, but, 'extortion'! And they're not helping the opinion about their sex among the lay public by indulging in such activities... Can't really blame the society!

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