Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ahimsa won't work with Terrorists! Show them the way to Hell!

When terrorists attacked the Indian Parliament with murderous intent, the then government amassed India's military might at the borders of our nation. I don't know (who does) if there was ever an intention to attack or just chest-beating and public posturing, but I felt India shouldn't hesitate to attack our enemies wherever they are.

Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat and yesterday New Delhi... Not just a solitary bomb at any of these places, but serial bomb blasts killing and injuring hundreds... If the terrorists can nearly strike at will at major cities across the country what's the point in having Police, Intelligence and other 'security' forces?

To get us a Nuclear exemption India's bureaucrats and politicians went around yapping that India was a large and responsible democracy. How does a democracy that doesn't seem to be intent on protecting it's own citizens qualify to be a 'responsible' democracy? Just because we don't attack our enemies or supply weapons and ammo to the enemies of our enemies? Just because we keep talking of Gandhi's philosophy of the era gone by in this age with lesser conscience?

While I am all for practicing Ahmisa with our neighbours and friends as individuals and as a country. These terrorists aren't even human in the mind to deserve our benevolence! What we need are strong governments (both at the State & centre) that can stand up and say it's people are most important. Governments that will revamp our internal security and launch an all-out war against our enemies across the border. These bastards who indulge in this arbitrary slaughter' don't need pity, let's show them the way to Hell!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Halo around the Moon!

Canon Powershot: ISO200, Exposure 2 Seconds
 Canon Powershot: ISO400, Exposure 4 Seconds
Shot at 11pm IST today...More effects of pollution?