Monday, July 14, 2008

Who will police the Police?

The High profile Noida double murder case is heading towards it's logical end now that the real criminals have 'probably' been identified. For almost 2 months, in prime time news, the face of an innocent father was flashed across most channels as the killer of his only daughter prompting the Soap Opera crowd to switch loyalties to follow the drama. Similar discussions ensued, everyone turned Sherlock Holmes passing a Judgement on who done it and their motives...

The UP Police created the drama in the first place by falsely charging the Father and holding a press conference to announce possible motives of the 'killer father' - Either he had an affair with his Family Friend which the victims came to know Or the victims (his 14 yr old and his 40+ man servant) had an affair and the father saw them in a compromising position leading to the murder!

If the police in a suburb of the Capital city can make such a blatant accusation against an educated man even in such a high profile media covered case. Imagine the plight of the hundreds of Innocent people the police all over the country could be falsely implicating for crimes they cannot solve. That, the case might drag on for years and the guilty may still walk free is a different matter altogether.

The country is not going to progress unless it's corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are cleaned up. For even that to happen the policing has to be non-corrupt & stronger, the justice system has to be more effective. What this country needs is a revolution... a radical re-haul of the entire system with committed & educated youth leading the way...
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