Monday, March 17, 2008

Rapists should be Castrated!

More than 20 Indian Women get raped every hour (This is the Official 2006 Stats, It must be higher now) Considering almost 80% of the rapes aren't even reported that's almost 100 women every hour!

A Google News Search on 'Scarlet Keeling' throws up almost 3000 news items.
Why are we as a nation (or is it just our media?) obsessed with the rape and murder of this one under-aged girl who was high on alcohol and drugs bar-hopping at three am, far far away from her home and family?

It's reasonable to assume that most of these 100 Indian women suffered for no fault of theirs.
Who will get justice for all these women? Why doesn't the media take up each one of their cases?

The conviction rate in India is also shamefully low (8% I think) it's like the government and the law enforcement agencies are actually encouraging men to go on and rape hapless women.
Life sentence is not a sufficient enough deterrent, I don't think Rapists should be put to death either. To make them realise the trauma they made the women go through, they should be let go as free 'men' after they are castrated and/or their dicks amputated!

PS: (Update) If rape is punishable by death (as is being suggested) and so is murder, it might make these animals want to kill of their victims... think about it!
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