Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Big Retail Experience @ Big Bazaar

Ever seen a queue outside a Shop, Complete with Pandhal & Barricades like in an Exhibition...? I guess that's what will happen when the prices are quite cheap. Chennaiist thinks, Big Bazaar is crowded and is the Indian version of WalMart, though the place is not quite as crowded as some shops in the City's Shopping Centre T.Nagar.

The Tag line goes 'Shop till you drop!' and that's what you will end up doing! The place seems to have everything you would normally need from cooking utensils to cameras, groceries to garments, furniture to fashion accessories, over a lakh different items they claim!

The prices of the unbranded items were quite cheap, quality only time will tell. Electronics, Gift articles, Children's games etc were all quite cheap too. Garments & Groceries (around 5-10% of the stuff) have some good offers too, but they keep changing. If you're lucky you will get a good deal on what you want.

A special feature like at Reliance Fresh, you don't see in your normal supermarket, is the special limited period offer that they announce over the public address system that gives a dirt cheap price on a few items for an hour.

It took almost 2 hours to navigate through the whole shop. The checkout counter in spite of the 17 counters took another half hour though! On the whole it was like 'Saravana Stores' spread out on one floor, the ambience better and the crowd more posh though!

Big Bazaar is part of the Pantaloons Retail group, you can check out some of the prices on their online portal Future Bazaar

The Big Bazaar outlet is located in Saligramam on Vadapalani High Road, Opposite Bharani Hospital, about a km away from Vijaya Hospital.
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