Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who will Purify this filth?

Last week food cooked for around 7000 devotees of the Puri Jagannath Temple was dumped to waste. While people continue to suffer and die of hunger in various parts of the country we've these priests acting irresponsibly.

The temple like many others, bars the entry of foreigners into it's premises. An American entered the temple with the help of a priest and two friends, all hell broke loose when someone high and mighty spotted this 'filthy being' who consumes 'objectionable food'. After hours of debate, nonsense prevailed and the food, all of 3 lakhs worth of it was dumped. The temple was then 'purified' by performing some rituals.

Just because these people get enough money off the temple how can these supposed men of god ignore the thousands of hungry beings that live around them?

Also, is this not Racism? How are we behaving differently from Jade Goody? Religious beliefs are not an excuse for this purely racist behaviour of the temple priests. The same group of people who barred certain other groups of Indians from entering the temple are now doing the same to foreigners.

The Temple is pure now, But who will purify the filth inside?
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