Sunday, April 01, 2007

Solidarity against the Supreme Court!

As I blog this, I am expressing my solidarity against the Supreme Court order staying the OBC reservations. The Court has been so stupid that it's asking the UPA government at the centre to substantiate the reasons behind the OBC Quota.

To protest against this anti-people judgement our CM announced Tamil Nadu Bandh today. After anticipating legal problems, he went a step ahead and declared a Public Holiday. So the whole of Tamil Nadu ganged up against the Supreme Court and stayed at home.

Businesses will remain shut, they are showing their solidarity by their non-productivity which is expect to dent the state's GDP by Rs.750 Crores! People travelling by flights/trains from Chennai are showing thier solidarity by throwing their travel plans into haywire and staying at home. People travelling into Chennai by train will show their solidarity by walking the rest of the way from TN border! People flying into Chennai from national and international destinations will show their solidarity by landing in cities outside Tamil Nadu.

I'm a traitor, I tried to go to my University's library which works like 363 days a year (except Deepavali & Convocation day) to study! Library was closed, so now I'm also showing solidarity!!
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