Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Illogical Cricket Fan

I'm not the usual cricket fan, Tendulkar is not my god, I don't deify the Indian cricket team. I never thought India would win the world cup, I think only the most consistent team deserves to win it (Aussies or the South Africans), In any case 2nd place 3rd place etc will be forgotten so how does it matter, whether India reached the Semi-finals or not? Obviously I'm not upset about what happened last night, there was some hope in the back of the mind, so, there's some disappointment in the back of my mind too :'( that's all.

Look at these illogical arguments floating around... look at all this below in my perspective with only Logic and fact in mind...
  • Srikanth/Sidhu say "Cricket is an unpredictable game"

Is Football, basketball, or baseball more predictable? How predictable is life itself?

  • Srikanth/Sidhu say "Cricket is a funny game"

Isn't life itself how you take it?

  • Dravid made the wrong choices after winning the toss against Bangladesh and the Lankans

Do you really think Dravid made the decision by himself? Do you really think there was no team meeting to decide about the toss after seeing the conditions?

What if the opponents had won the toss? Does the better team deserve to win or the team that takes the right decision after winning the toss? Should we blame luck for lack of performance?

  • Greg Chappel has ruined the Indian team

Pre-West Indies series didn't we create a world record in chasing? And Sachin Tendulkar (the best batsman in the world...) got out for a DUCK, Coaching can make a difference to a newbie like Pathan or Dhoni But Sachin? What prevented him from staying on?

Chappel is (in)famous for his spirit 'win at any cost' (the under arm ball incident) why would he do anything to make the Indians loose?

Didn't the BCCI look at his presentation before choosing him? So if he's the wrong man who's responsible for that mistake? Why is Dravid being accused of making wrong decisions but why is no one pointing fingers at the politicians ruining cricket?

  • Ganguly should be made Captain again, If he had been captain India would have won - Kolkattans & Fanatics outside (Most Kolkattans, at least those shown on TV or send text messages are fanatical about Ganguly anyway)

Ganguly scored in all three matches I agree, But look at his strike rate. His game was scratchy even against Bermuda... If we wannabe a winning team, a one day strike rate should be in the nineties not in the seventies especially for an opener. Ganguly might have started scoring and gained a bit more confidence after his forced sabbatical, but he remains as selfish as ever when he plays.

  • Cricketers spend too much time on endorsements

It takes half a day to can an ad shoot. Even if a person like Sachin who endorses 15-20 products spends say 15 days in all that... How does it affect his performance?

Just because an ad is shown with a cricketer every five minutes does it mean a cricketer spends one in five minutes of his life shooting ads?

It's because you're dumb enough to deify the cricketer and buy whatever he sells he's selling more of it. If you started using your brains maybe the cricketer would endorse two products lesser, and practice an extra day. That will win us the next world cup of course!

  • Scrap the entire cricket team!

Why is no one speaking of scrapping BCCI? Why are the thieving politicians taking up posts in state and national councils. Cricket in India has prospered unlike other sports because the government or bureaucracy didn't control it. But the politicians will drag it down!

  • People who damage property, burn effigy of cricketers when they loose

If you Morons weren't losers yourself, you would've been doing something better on those days instead of such crap. Get a life!

So what next? If I knew that I would be the next coach of the Indian team (Obviously all the morons will heap the blame on Chappel and pack him off)

Time to Introspect, Tendulkar should think of a sabbatical / retirement. Others just need confidence, practice and more commitment.

If small countries have so many good players, statistically a country of a billion should have 100 good teams of their class. Where are all these players? Obviously a flawed way of grooming young players... Obviously much of the talent is going untapped. Only the BCCI is to blame!

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