Sunday, February 04, 2007

Why not Reservations in the Armed Forces and Sports?

There is and can be only one answer to India's Cricketing worries, No it's not Dada or Dhoni, nor does it involve chucking out Greg Chappel! With the election of Sharad Pawar, Laloo Prasad, Arun Jaitley and co. to various cricketing offices, we're only one step closer to the Ultimate Solution - Reservation!

Some wise Parliamentarians wisely pointed out this need, a little while back, I wonder why none of the country's hundreds of caste-based parties are taking up this issue. After all, if the government can go to the extent it did to create the reservation in elite institutions, just to add a few hundred elite individuals from backward castes into the creamy layer. Why not add a bring in a few cricketers and add them to the list of the super-rich?

If the erstwhile No.2 Team in World Cricket, South Africa (Yeah, the same people who lost a test to India on home soil for the first time) can have reservations... Why not India?

If reservation is the solution to under-representation of certain castes in Education... why not in Cricket and the Armed Forces too? When so many people were complaining about the over-representation of certain castes in positions of power, with utter disregard to their merit... Why is the over-representation of certain castes in the Armed Forces not a problem to anyone? Why are people who pass all tests not excluded from the army just because their castes are over-represnted?

NOTE: The title says Sports... I'm speaking only of Cricket... Is there any other Sport in India?
NOTE2: I give a damn for the so called Forward / Backward Caste classification anywhere... So keep casteist Crap out of my Blog... If you have a sensible opinion leave a comment.
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