Thursday, February 08, 2007

When Hutch Pulled the plug on me

Day Before yesterday evening, suddenly calls wouldn't go through, messages failed. Thinking something was wrong with my phone I dozed off, but the problem remained in the morning. No amount of re-inserting the SIM or fiddling with my phone had any effect. Even though I knew I had a balance of over Rs.700 and at least 5 months of validity I couldn't check that either. Calls to Customer Care wouldn't go through either. Convinced that something was wrong with my phone, I called Hutch care from my land line just to check.

Hutch Care (Automated Voice): Hi Welcome to Hutch Care, English/ Tamil, Enter your Mobile phone Number
Me: Beep Beep Beep Beep
Hutch Care Call Centre Operator (HC): My name is Y..., May I have your name & Telephone number please
Me: I just entered it... What was the point of all that
HC: Hmm... May I have your name & Telephone number please...
Me (Reluctantly): Dr.Prahalathan, 9884188018

HC: Yes Mr.Prahalathan, what's your problem?
Me: Call / Msg not goin
HC: Did you submit Photo identification
Me: Yeah, last week at Hutch Shop
HC: Your details are incomplete
Me: What? I submitted Copies of Driver's License & Medical Council Registration
HC: You have to re-submit Photo Identification
Me: What?
HC: It has Chennai-18, but no Teynampet
Me: Both Driver's License & Medical Council Registration mention Teynampet, Chennai - 18
HC: No sir, there is no Teynampet
Me: How can that be missing in copies of both documents?
HC: You have to re-submit Photo Identification
Me: Chennai- 18 is Teynampet, What seems to be your problem?
HC: Sir, You've to re-submit...

Banged the phone and started off to the Hutch Shop

The place had just opened, only one Hutch Care Executive was there, yet there were at least 10 irate customers before me. I joined the queue and added my number to the growing list. The executive (HCE) couldn't handle the numbers, she called a Manager (HCM)
HCE: All these people have submitted forms, yet got disconnected
HCM: We have lakhs of customers, they may have missed a few forms
Crowd: If you cant handle, then why do you get new customers? We can always go to some other company...
HCM: hmm... Not like that, We tried calling your numbers must have been unreachable
Crowd: We get Spammed with Caller Tune and other messages and calls from Hutch
HCM: Calm down, We tried calling your numbers must have been unreachable
Me: So you're implying your network is bad, mobiles are unreachable within city
HCM: hmm...
Me: When u can send us all the crap as Spam Messages, can't you message us that you will be disconnecting?
HCM: We tried calling your numbers must have been unreachable
Me: £$%^, When are you gonna re-connect
Crowd: Almost 15 now, all yelling
HCE: Now, I'm releasing all lines...

Note how the Hutch Care Call Centre Operator and the manager kept repeating their lines... Do they teach these people to mug up standard lines?
My phone started ringing, I walked out without bothering to thank them, as more people joined the crowd...

Saracasm is my Mother Tongue

Sarcasm is my Mother Tongue,
Tamil is my mother tongue too,
So what, do I always have to speak in my Mother Tongue?

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Understanding sarcasm is a complex business, different parts of the brain must work together, decision making, emotional processing, empathy, and theory of mind all appear to be involved in understanding sarcasm.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Why not Reservations in the Armed Forces and Sports?

There is and can be only one answer to India's Cricketing worries, No it's not Dada or Dhoni, nor does it involve chucking out Greg Chappel! With the election of Sharad Pawar, Laloo Prasad, Arun Jaitley and co. to various cricketing offices, we're only one step closer to the Ultimate Solution - Reservation!

Some wise Parliamentarians wisely pointed out this need, a little while back, I wonder why none of the country's hundreds of caste-based parties are taking up this issue. After all, if the government can go to the extent it did to create the reservation in elite institutions, just to add a few hundred elite individuals from backward castes into the creamy layer. Why not add a bring in a few cricketers and add them to the list of the super-rich?

If the erstwhile No.2 Team in World Cricket, South Africa (Yeah, the same people who lost a test to India on home soil for the first time) can have reservations... Why not India?

If reservation is the solution to under-representation of certain castes in Education... why not in Cricket and the Armed Forces too? When so many people were complaining about the over-representation of certain castes in positions of power, with utter disregard to their merit... Why is the over-representation of certain castes in the Armed Forces not a problem to anyone? Why are people who pass all tests not excluded from the army just because their castes are over-represnted?

NOTE: The title says Sports... I'm speaking only of Cricket... Is there any other Sport in India?
NOTE2: I give a damn for the so called Forward / Backward Caste classification anywhere... So keep casteist Crap out of my Blog... If you have a sensible opinion leave a comment.