Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kashmir is ours: Take it back!

The Mumbai blasts and now Malegaon... While the Government of India claims Pakistani involvement, the Pakistanis as usual claim that all the accusations are false.

The evidence at hand seems to point at the terrorists having trained in camps at Pakistan Occupied Kashmir for carrying out their destructive activities (Link) The government India has upped the rhetoric about all the proof it has accumulated about the Pak link and about handing over evidence to Pakistan and USA (Link) The Pakistanis continue to call India's Bluff and sit pretty in America's war on terror plans...

If USA can bomb Afghanistan to hunt down the perpetrators of 9/11, if Israel can launch an all out war on Lebanon for the sake of two of it's kidnapped soldiers. Why can't we take back our own land that is being used to train and launch attacks on our own people?

How many crores of property have to be destroyed? How many more Indians have to lose their lives? How many more families have to be ruined? How long will the government go cribbing to USA about the state sponsored terrorism in Pakistan? How long...before the government develops a spine to take back what rightly belongs to us?
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