Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gandhiism: Congress Style!

It might have failed the needs an aspirations of the average Indian. It functions inefficiently at most times. It has a high density of criminals. But for all it's short comings... The parliament is the pillar of the world's largest democracy. An attack on the representatives we elect is a symbolic attack on the entire nation. While the then BJP government amassed Indian forces at the border, but, stopped short of doing the right thing, launch a War against Pakistan. The current government, which has nothing to show, continues to bend backwards playing its divisive politics for the sake of votes.

Unthinkable in any other country in the world, But our government is actually mulling over clemency for a terrorist who attacked our parliament! While I'm sure every patriotic Indian regardless of religion would want only justice to prevail, the government wants to exploit the vote bank of some religious fanatics and publicity freaks. Why even consider pardoning an unrepentant terrorist who refuses to sign his own mercy petition?

To forgive and forget maybe Gandhian. But then why don't these people forgive all rapists and murderers regardless of religion and live with them. While the tax-payers sweat it out for the security of these shameless power hungry politicians, We've to live with murdering maniacs on the loose.
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