Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Don't Go Schumi!

Something amiss
someone is missed;
sadness engulfs
a sudden vacuum;
the race is over
an era comes to an end;
but time stands still
memories linger;
some race, some corner we recall;
the racer, the driver hangs his boot;
but the spirit,the man, his talent stands tall;

To Schumi,
who made a difference,
who made me his fan,
who gave me something to cheer,
To you Schumi - I bow to thee.

Schumi Forever!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Farewell to a Champion

He didn’t win the title or even the race. Indeed he didn’t even make the podium. However, Michael Schumacher’s farewell drive in Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix illustrated the grit, skill and determination that has made him the greatest driver Formula One racing has ever seen.

The odds were stacked against the Ferrari star from the outset after technical problems in qualifying at Interlagos left him only tenth on the grid. However, an excellent start saw him up to sixth place by the time the safety car intervened following Williams’ Nico Rosberg’s early accident.

Soon after the race restarted, Schumacher dived down the inside of Giancarlo Fisichella’s Renault to seize P4, but as he exited the Senna S he appeared to lose the back end of the car, the Italian promptly regaining the position. The cause of the slide quickly became clear - a left-rear puncture thought to have been caused by debris on the track.

Schumacher limped back to the pits to take on fuel and fresh rubber, but when he rejoined he was running 19th - and last. However, he was immediately back up to speed, slamming in fastest sector times and slicing his way past backmarkers. His progress slowed somewhat when he once more found himself behind Fisichella in the closing stages, but the Renault driver was eventually forced into a mistake by Schumacher’s relentless pressure, running wide at Turn 1 and surrendering fifth place in the process.

McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen - the man who will replace Schumacher at Ferrari - was the next target, and the Finn defended aggressively to maintain fourth place. It took a special move from Schumacher, the pair going side-by-side into Turn 1 just inches apart, with the seven-time champion ultimately emerging ahead.

That left him chasing Jenson Button for a podium, but with just two laps remaining there simply wasn’t time to catch the Honda, despite Schumacher's penultimate lap being the fastest of the race, over half a second quicker than team mate Felipe Massa’s best.

Schumacher’s competitive Formula One career may be over, but true to form, the great man entertained us to the last. Goodbye Schumi!

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gandhiism: Congress Style!

It might have failed the needs an aspirations of the average Indian. It functions inefficiently at most times. It has a high density of criminals. But for all it's short comings... The parliament is the pillar of the world's largest democracy. An attack on the representatives we elect is a symbolic attack on the entire nation. While the then BJP government amassed Indian forces at the border, but, stopped short of doing the right thing, launch a War against Pakistan. The current government, which has nothing to show, continues to bend backwards playing its divisive politics for the sake of votes.

Unthinkable in any other country in the world, But our government is actually mulling over clemency for a terrorist who attacked our parliament! While I'm sure every patriotic Indian regardless of religion would want only justice to prevail, the government wants to exploit the vote bank of some religious fanatics and publicity freaks. Why even consider pardoning an unrepentant terrorist who refuses to sign his own mercy petition?

To forgive and forget maybe Gandhian. But then why don't these people forgive all rapists and murderers regardless of religion and live with them. While the tax-payers sweat it out for the security of these shameless power hungry politicians, We've to live with murdering maniacs on the loose.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kashmir is ours: Take it back!

The Mumbai blasts and now Malegaon... While the Government of India claims Pakistani involvement, the Pakistanis as usual claim that all the accusations are false.

The evidence at hand seems to point at the terrorists having trained in camps at Pakistan Occupied Kashmir for carrying out their destructive activities (Link) The government India has upped the rhetoric about all the proof it has accumulated about the Pak link and about handing over evidence to Pakistan and USA (Link) The Pakistanis continue to call India's Bluff and sit pretty in America's war on terror plans...

If USA can bomb Afghanistan to hunt down the perpetrators of 9/11, if Israel can launch an all out war on Lebanon for the sake of two of it's kidnapped soldiers. Why can't we take back our own land that is being used to train and launch attacks on our own people?

How many crores of property have to be destroyed? How many more Indians have to lose their lives? How many more families have to be ruined? How long will the government go cribbing to USA about the state sponsored terrorism in Pakistan? How long...before the government develops a spine to take back what rightly belongs to us?