Sunday, September 03, 2006

Loosing our identity

Vande Mataram - A song that has inspired thousands if not millions of Indians to stand up against our foreign invaders. Now a hundred years after it was written our National Song is mired in a needless controversy.

Even though only the first two stanzas of the song have been adopted as our national song, a few religious leaders have objected to Muslims singing it. as they believe that some words in the latter half of the song are incompatible with their religion as they interpret it. While some political leaders are trying to gain mileage by playing the nationalist card. Some other politicians (the worst kind) choose to be ambivalent just for the sake of a few votes.

As always in any controversy in which religion is dragged in, the 'wise' religious leaders (pun intended), play politics for the sake of their own selfish gains, to promote their own ideologies instead of god willed peace and harmony. I better not speak of this despicable class of people. In this case it happens to be some Islamic leaders of Deoband. They've gone to the extent of issuing a directive asking parents to withdraw their children from schools which make their students sing the national song. As I already said, criticizing these people who call themselves men of god isn't really worth anyone's time.

The opposition NDA is like a child without it's favourite toy (power) trying to grab every opportunity, to endear itself with the people. No point talking about this people either.

The Indian National Congress which heads the current Coalition ruling the country... shame on them! These people who originally came to power on the freedom fighters' plank go against everything all those people laid down their lives for. In the cloak of maintaining Peace and Harmony in the country they pursue their divisive vote bank agendas. First it was banning movies now it's blacking out songs. What next?

The scapegoat in this political game, our national song, our identity as a nation, something that unites us in spite of the thousands of other things that divide us. If some intolerant narrow minded people don't wanna associate themselves with this identity, let them be... Let the rest of us sing with fervour... Vande Mataram!
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