Saturday, September 09, 2006

Blog Chennai

I started Blogging over a year ago only as a hobby, as I found a medium to express my opinions and views on various issues. Even though I heard of Blog Camp at the Chennaiist bloggers meet last month, I never took it too seriously and it took some convincing from fellow Chennaiist Ramanujam, to actually make me go to the Blog Camp.

The Tidel Park ambience and all the paraphernalia were good thanks to the organisers and the sponsors. I was surprised to see so many people serious about something that was only a hobby of mine. People had turned up from all over the country and few from outside too. The unconference mode was very good with lots of participation and fun all around. There were many blah blah events, but the ones that interested me were the techy ones.

The presentations on Word Press, Blogger Beta, Podcasting and AJAX were informative BUT the presenters could've done with at least a bit of preparation. Though they knew their topics fairly well their absolute unprepardness showed every bit of the way. Overall, it was a great experience to know stuff and to put faces to the blogs I read. Next time, Count me in!
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