Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hypocrisy #11 - Pesti Cola

I still drink Pepsi when I feel like... People around me ask me in surprise, Doctor! How can u drink Contaminated Cola? But, I staunchly, refuse to let our politicians insult my intellect.

The left loves to hate America, So the Cola companies in a corner have become an easy target to bash up. The communist government in Kerala went to the extent of banning the cola giants from the state.(Link)

Has 'Pesti' Cola killed anyone? Has there been any medical study on the effects of 'Pesti' Cola? Aren't there more dangerous things like cigarettes, Pan Masala which actually kill thousands of people every year?

A petition, filed by the Centre for Public Interest Litigation, alleged that soft drinks sold in India contained highly toxic, acidic and addictive ingredients dangerous for human consumption. The Supreme Court has accepted the petition and issued notices to the Cola giants asking them to disclose their contents!! (Link)
Why don't people think twice before making complete fools of themselves??
Is it not common knowledge that the cola formulae are some of the world's best kept trade secrets??

And... What about the hundreds of thousands who live on the pesticide loaded water that these colas are prepared from? Ban Water??

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