Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bird Brained Bureaucrats

Thanks to some Bird Brain in the Information & Broadcasting Ministry I've to now depend on a Gateway that was originally created to beat the government censor in countries like China and Pakistan http://www.inblogs.net/ to even visit my own Blog... Blog Hopping, Out of question. If the idea of Banning the Da Vinci Code was foolish, this is ridiculous!

After the recent Bomb Blasts in Mumbai, the government had to be seen as doing something. Since our dumb Foreign Policy didn't allow shutting down terrorist training camps in PoK (Is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Foreign?), they decided to shut down a few websites! The ISPs in a hurry to comply with the order yet incapable of blocking the 12 websites 'that incited hatred' alone have blacked out whole domains in India... like blogspot and geocities. (LINK)

So now my Blog's address for those accessing it from India will be http://www.inblogs.net/Prahalathan till these peanut brains realize their folly.

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