Thursday, June 29, 2006

Socca Fever

The group stage is over, so is the round of 16. Unlike last time no upset eliminations or pretenders in the final stages. A calm before the storm, the clash of the 8 best football teams on the planet is set to begin in a day. After long, I've time to Blog and am not just glued to my TV.

For a guy who probably never watched a full football match before in his life, this month has been lots and lots of football. I wanted to see what one billion people on the planet were watching and got hooked up myself! Our Cable operators' last minute largesse meant, I get to watch all the football matches and FORMULA ONE RACING on ESPN and Star Sports for free in spite of the set top box imposed embargo.

After sitting up all night watching the Messis and Ronaldinhos, they're all over the papers next morning... Front page... last three pages. They're there on numerous football based programs on all news channels. They hog the limelight on all regular news bulletins too. With so much media generated 'frenzy' around the football world cup, it's odd if you're not watching it!

For a guy who cares little about Cricket and none about Football. I was left found wanting for info on what was going on in the India vs WI test match. News Channels that earlier had entire programs dedicated to cricket were showing 10 minutes of football in every bulletin and relegating cricket to the fag end, then too, hardly any details. Formula one who? What?

The media has actually gone over board and has once again proved that they broadcast only what they want to and NOT what we want to see.Most news Channels actually had discussion shows and 'Questions of the day' asking if Football has replaced Cricket as the number one sport in the country! If any of them in the media had any doubts or such preposterous ideas... the polls showed them how wrong they were...

Once this one month of madness is over this cricket crazy country will be back to idolising the Dhonis and the Tendulkars and ignoring and ruining every other sport. But, till then it's Socca Fever all the way!

My money's on a show down between Brazil vs Argentina at the Grand Finale. May the better team win.
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