Friday, June 30, 2006

Is God Male?

Temple authorities in Kerala are planning legal action against actress Jayamala for committing sacrilege at the Sabarimala temple. Young women are banned at the temple's most sacred part where the actress claims she entered and touched the idol of Lord Ayyappa in 1987. LINK

Whatever the mythological claims may be, If men can touch the 'idol' 'made of stone' why can't a woman? How does this constitute Sacrilege?

The Khadims, of the Sufi shrine in Ajmer have decided to ban women from the dargah at the time of prayers as they purportedly distract men. LINK

We have the second largest human population in the world. Yet, Men have to get distracted even when they pray?? Why can't they stop coming instead?

The Vatican issued a sweeping condemnation recently of contraception, abortion, in-vitro fertilization and same-sex marriage, declaring that unless abortion is punished as a crime it will be seen as a "banal" act. LINK

Such attitudes make you wish the fiction in 'The Da Vinci Code' were actually facts!

Without exception all major religions discriminate against women and treat them far inferior to males. This issue is often masqueraded as a moral controversy. Although at it's roots, it's only about sex and power. It's about whether women will be allowed to keep striving for an equal place in society or confined, as much as possible, to the kitchen and the nursery.

If God did create men and women. He meant them to be equal. Just as he meant the whole human species to be equal. The world will be a much better place if these supposedly 'learned' & 'knowledgeable' leaders of religions realize this.
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