Saturday, June 03, 2006

How Pandi became Peter, watched The Da Vinci Code and lost Faith!

Three days of noise later, the world has a few Hindus lesser...
Of course, not before several thousands of rupees changed hands.
I've not seen such a mass exodus from Hinduism in the slum near my home in quite a while now...

Just a day after the bill to repeal the
The Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Forcible Conversion of Religion Ordinance was introduced and barely a few hours after the bill got passed nullifying the ordinance several Hindus realized that their faith has been misplaced all these years... So Pandi became Peter and Janani became Joyce and at least Rs.20,000 richer!

Three days of unpalatably crude translations of gospel...
Three days of demonstrations and tales of miracles...
Three days singing, chanting and hysteria...

These three day programs are called 'Freedom meetings' I'm not sure if they mean freedom from Hinduism or Freedom from faith altogether! How can people who change their religions because of the lure of money ever have any 'true' faith in their 'new' god?

A Catholic Priest and one of the leaders of the catholic church of India recently remarked that "The Da Vinci Code will make Christians question their own faith... So the film should be BANNED in India"!

Neither the film nor the book were banned in any of the Christian nations, Why India a secular nation with a minority of Christians even consider banning the movie for these 'faithless' fools among the christians?

A few days back the Tamil Nadu state Government banned the release of The Da Vinci Code based on
complaints received from the Christian community.... For a few extra votes, obviously!

Why should we who have our faith intact watch movies on pirated DVD's just because a few fools don't have faith in what their own religion says?
Are any of these fools going to watch the movie at all?
If these fools do watch the movie are they going to start questioning their 'new' faith?
Quite probable... If a few thousands can change their faith, so will a 3 hour movie!

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