Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Reservations: Taking a stand

I've not yet started receiving too many hate mails. But, I thought I better clarify where I stand. I am NOT entirely against reservations for the under privileged.

I am against...
I am against smothering merit by reserving almost 50% of the seats
I am against govt schemes that aren't based on sound logic or facts
I am against any reservation system that benefits the 'creamy layer'
I am against this blatant misuse of power in pursuit of a vote-bank
I am against a condescending attitude towards the under-privileged
I am against labeling entire communities incapable / backward
I am against casteism

I am for...
I am for affirmative action for the truly under-privileged
I am for a system that balances social justice and merit
I am for scholars and thinkers into the bureaucracy
I am for fresh, unconventional thought in politics
I am for youth into politics

Some people think I dream too much, call me over optimistic.
But I see a future for India that's vibrant and young........... in my lifetime!

PS: I've NOT seen or been influenced by Rang De Basanti / Yuva. The idea of being inspired and becoming patriotic after seeing a 3 hour movie is silly. So where do all those feelings go after you forget about the movie? I AM NOT SO FICKLE MINDED...
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