Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Price of a vote

Since it looks like the DMK Alliance is going to win this time around I'll stick to them.
  • Two Acres of Land
  • Rice at Rs.2/Kg
  • A Colour TV
  • Rs.100/- and Biriyani the night before the election, and breakfast in the morning.

The first three 'inducements' were part of the election manifesto, in case you were wondering about the last one that's what people in the slum near my house were given on the eve of the election.

Can't blame the poor who got chased away on election day by the para-military forces when they tried to put in a few extra votes... They were happy that their stomachs were full and had some cash to spend But

  • 5 years of Mis-rule
  • 5 years of Corruption
  • 5 years of trying to get back all that was spent on this one month election circus
  • 5 years of trying to save for the next election

Are these not part of the deal too? When will we Indians understand this? When will we get a more long term perspective?

I'm not Anti DMK or Pro AIADMK just Pro Indian!

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