Monday, April 03, 2006

Hypocrisy #07 - The Non-Voting Democratic Head of State

Voting for the Assembly elections in the state of Assam concluded today. In spite of being a Rajya Sabha elect from the very state, the Prime Minister didn't bother to cast his vote. Despite campaigning at Assam asking people to vote for his party the PM didn't bother to himself. Despite being in Assam till Sunday the PM couldn't 'waste' a day in casting his vote.

Incidentally, Dr. Manmohan Singh has taken the short cut to the Prime Minister's chair by being elected to the upper house by legislators rather than to the Lok Sabha by the people. Not only is occupying the highest authority of the country without being directly elected amounting to subverting democracy, the Prime Minister seems to have blatant disregard to the whole democratic process itself.

Though running the country is important, it's not as if that was the reason our Prime Minister did not vote. His track record speaks for itself. The Prime Minister who has been elected to the Rajya Sabha from Assam since 1991 has cast his vote only once way back in 1998.

Mr. Prime Minister!
I had the highest regard for you as a person because you seemed to be different from the rest. You've showed how different you are. SHAME ON YOU!

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