Sunday, March 19, 2006

Vision 2020 #1 - Energy Security

No this is not in anyway connected to our President Abdul Kalam's 20-20 vision for India's future. Rather it's my not so 20-20, yet not so myopic vision through a pair of wire framed glasses!

In 2020, The prices at which we buy fuel would not have reached three figures...Everyone will be happy and India will be shining...Thanks to the communists and vote bank politics. But the subsidies on the fuel we use would be running into several billions, Billions that should have been wisely invested in developing oil fields in other countries.

We might have backed out of the Iranian and Syrian oil deals because the United States told us to. When the Americans attack another country in the middle east or South America and the prices of fuel shoot up... We will still be crying hoarse that the oil prices are ruining 'developing economies' like India.

The oil Minister's plan in 2005 to develop a strategic Oil reserve might have been long forgotten by the successive 'coalition governments' that have only Common 'Minimum' programs.There will come a day when the supply gets disrupted and our vehicles will be stranded all over the place. That day we'll be cursing the NDA and the UPA, like we're now cursing Nehru and his Panchsheel!

And while this unfinished post was languishing as a draft... The oil minister at the top has already changed!
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