Friday, March 31, 2006

Sleeping your way to a Divorce

No I'm not talking of sleeping with extra marital partners. Even while sleeping with your own wife, sub-consciously uttering the triple Talaq could get you a separation if these people are allowed to have their way.

A Muslim couple in West Bengal have been ordered by the local religious leaders to separate as the husband allegedly uttered 'talaq' three times in his sleep.
While the couple, who have three children, refused to obey the order since there was no discord between them, the community leaders are adamant that they must separate or face social ostracization

The local religious leaders, quoting the Sharia, ruled that the talaq has to be implemented and were kind hearted enough to providing an alternative if the couple found the ruling unacceptable.
  • Temporary separation for 100 days during which the wife will live at her father's house.
  • She should then spend a night with another man!
  • She can remarry her husband ONLY AFTER the 'other' man has given her talaq!!
Move over Abdul Kalams and CV Ramans, I don't think this world will ever get to see more intelligent Indians. Not just the sheer brilliance the total application of mind is stunning. More than anything their 'humane' interpretation of the Sharia should also get them the Nobel Peace Prize with ease....

"Hey woman! What if your husband divorced you sub-consciously? You can remarry him after you let another guy fuck you!"
I'm sure the mother of three won't have a problem with that.

I'm PROUD to be living in the same country as these people, So should you be too!
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