Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Country full of kids

Independent India maybe just 57 years old, quite young in comparison to the two century old United States of America. We Indians are still ruled by corrupt politicians and lazy bureaucrats who are learning things the hard way, by their own mistakes. But do we need lessons on how to behave with our friends and partners in business

First, the United States told us to back off from the Gas deal with Iran.
Next, the US Ambassador to India told us to vote against Iran at the IAEA meet.
Now, the United States has asked us to back off the Syrian oil deal.

It's important to have powerful friends and even more important not to make enemies of powerful countries.
But should we always toe the US line?

What irks me is not the fact that America's fatherly attitude towards to India.
BUT, that the policy makers of the world's largest democracy are wagging their tails for whatever the United States tells us.
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