Saturday, January 21, 2006

Are Doctors saints/gods?

Two strikes by doctors came to an end recently. One at King George Medical University, Uttar Pradesh and the other at New Delhi's largest Government hospital Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital.

One was because the police men had roughed up the doctors, the other because a patient's relatives assaulted the doctors. In both cases the doctors were manhandled and the doctors went on a lightning strike paralyzing the medical system, causing hardship to numerous innocent patients.

I was just watching a discussion on a news channel (CNN-IBN My current Favorite)where the reporter kept asking the doctors if they weren't shirking their duty and nobility by striking. And that a strike by doctors is not like that by any other profession.

Duty yes... But if Doctors are so important shouldn't doctors be treated with a little more respect?

The Tamil Nadu government for example pays a measly Rs.3633/- to a Junior Resident (average age 23) Rs.5000/- app. to a senior Resident (average age 28).A fully qualified MBBS graduate is offered just Rs.10,000/- a month to work at Public Health centers in Villages that too on a yearly contract basis.

Should Doctors be held responsible for deaths of their patients when there was no negligence on part of their part. Even if so, Is beating up the Doctor the solution?

About the strike... It's Okay to burn down buses and go on a strike if some politician is manhandled, BUT if it's anyone else should we take it sitting down???
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