Thursday, December 01, 2005

When Democracy was Raped

UPDATED from the Original Post dated July 26, 2005

After months of haggling and obviously after money and promises of ministerial berths etc., were exchanged the LJP split and the Janata Dal United which is part of the NDA led by Nitish Kumar finally got the required number of MLAs to stake claim to form the government in Bihar. But the prime minister's office worked overtime that night rather into the next day morning and got the president to ink the order dissolving the Bihar Assembly.

Their reason was that intensive horse trading going on, didn't they realize it till the LJP split and any realistic chances of the RJD led UPA forming a government faded away? Though the Congress would've risked loosing the support of the Laloo lead RJD wouldn't the people of Bihar have got a respite after several years of mis-rule under Laloo and Rabri?

An election is an opportunity for the people to exercise their choice of who they perceive as most suitable to rule them. Everyone has a different opinion and because of the clutter of political parties We're having more and more hung assemblies and parliaments which finally end up in coalition governments. It is not unusual nowadays to see haggling between coalition partners who finally end up forming the government.

Is the Central government justified in dissolving the state assembly elected by a over a million people for their whim and fancy? Finally its the people of Bihar who have to pass the verdict through their votes in the coming assembly elections.

UPDATE 1 (07.10.05):
The Supreme Court ruled on October 7, 2005 that a government decision to dissolve the legislature in Bihar was unconstitutional, but it stopped short of overturning the move.

UPDATE 2 (01.12.05):
More important than the Supreme Court's decision the people of Bihar have passed their verdict. Laloo was routed in the elections to the legislative assembly and Nitish Kumar has stormed to powr in Bihar.

Politicians should learn that there's always a price to pay for ignoring the democratic will of the people.
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