Friday, November 25, 2005

Shoot the Hostage

Indian Driver working with the Border Roads Organization in Afghanistan shot dead, by his captors.
India doesn't have a Military presence in Afghanistan, The Government couldn't possibly be blamed for not attempting a Commando Rescue Operation.
But was there no other way of rescuing that innocent life?

A few Questions

  • Is the government's policy non-engagement with terrorists justified in similar circumstances?
  • Is the lives of a few citizens in anyway less important than the prestige of our country?
  • Would the government have acted... rather been inactive if the hostage had been some important politician's relative?

In 1999, the then NDA government did relent to the demands of the terrorists when three terrorists were released at Kandahar in exchange for the release of 173 passengers of a hijacked Indian Airlines flight.

  • Who are we (it's our government... after all) to decide which lives are valuable and which aren't?
  • But if we give into the terrorists' demands won't it become a vicious cycle?
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