Friday, November 11, 2005

Immoral Policing

"No educated man would expect his wife to be a virgin!
Premarital sex was fine provided precautions were taken! "
said Kushboo, So what's the big deal we may think? But the retards from the Primitive Mens' Konglomerate and the Dim-wits' Party of India think otherwise.
Not only did Tamil Film star Kushboo receive Brickbats for the above remarks, A court in Tamil Nadu has issued an Arrest Warrant against her too!

And people like actress Suhasini, who came in support of the actress were also threatened with legal action.

The Constitution of India guarantees us the Freedom of Speech among other things as our Fundamental Rights yet....
We're a country of a Billion and growing yet talking about Sex is Taboo...
So many illegitimate children are aborted / born every day yet...

Shame on those Politicians for trying to teach us what's right!
Shame on us if we don't teach them a lesson in the elections!!

Support for Kushboo from Women's WORLD and AIDWA.
It's great to see youth Icons like Sania Mirza and Narain Karthikeyan extending support to Kushboo.
Not only did Sania's comments trigger protests, She has also been cowed into back tracking her statements. Not surprisingly Narain has been spared, revealing the Chauvinistic under tone in such protests.
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