Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hypocrisy #04 - Kolkata and the Rest of India

The Indian Cricket team and Cricket lovers watching the fourth ODI between India and South Africa were stunned by the behavior of the Kolkata crowd. The crowd jeered at the Indian cricketers, booed the coach , cheered the fall of every Indian wicket and cheered when the South African scored runs too.
While commentators of the live broadcast masqueraded the crowd's behavior as sportiveness, the Indian captain was modest.

This was the same crowd that disrupted the 1996 World Cup semi-final against Sri Lanka because India was losing?

These were the people who interrupted the Indo-Pak Test in 1999 because Sachin Tendulkar was given out unfairly?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hypocrisy #03 - Ganguly the Batting All-Rounder!!!

The Indian Cricket team selectors have made complete asses of themselves by selecting former Indian Captain Saurav Ganguly as a 'Batting all-rounder'.
Ganguly may have been a great batsman, but the stats speak for themselves. Ganguly has taken 25 wickets in 84 tests at an average of over 50. As a captain he has taken just 5 wickets at a dismal average of 124!!
The opinion of the coach, logic and Common sense were ignored during the process. It's a shame that in form Zaheer Khan was left out just because Ganguly had support from the ruling faction of the cricket board.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Shoot the Hostage

Indian Driver working with the Border Roads Organization in Afghanistan shot dead, by his captors.
India doesn't have a Military presence in Afghanistan, The Government couldn't possibly be blamed for not attempting a Commando Rescue Operation.
But was there no other way of rescuing that innocent life?

A few Questions

  • Is the government's policy non-engagement with terrorists justified in similar circumstances?
  • Is the lives of a few citizens in anyway less important than the prestige of our country?
  • Would the government have acted... rather been inactive if the hostage had been some important politician's relative?

In 1999, the then NDA government did relent to the demands of the terrorists when three terrorists were released at Kandahar in exchange for the release of 173 passengers of a hijacked Indian Airlines flight.

  • Who are we (it's our government... after all) to decide which lives are valuable and which aren't?
  • But if we give into the terrorists' demands won't it become a vicious cycle?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Hypocrisy #02

RSS Chief K S Sudarshan expressed his concern over the country's changing demographic profile and said he has been urging Hindus to have not less than three children.

What he means...
  • Stay poor
  • Stay Uneducated
  • Keep voting for us.... for the Parivar .
  • The congress has ruled (READ: ruined) you for the last half century.We'll do that over the next...

Shame on the politicians! Not only do they set Bad Examples... (Like Laloo who has 9 children) Instead of taking the mother of all problems plaguing our country head on they're actually promoting it too!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hypocrisy #01

Our Population is almost 1.1 Billion and still going strong.
The annual population growth is almost 16 per thousand.
Speaking of Sex, watching or reading about such things (porn) is taboo.
Yet... Our enterprising country men seem to be doing it with little know how.

Maybe it's transmitted through our genes... maybe!

On a lighter note, A comparison between the world's two largest democracies... India and the US of A.
In USA you can KISS in public but can't PISS!
In India you can PISS in public but can't KISS!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Immoral Policing

"No educated man would expect his wife to be a virgin!
Premarital sex was fine provided precautions were taken! "
said Kushboo, So what's the big deal we may think? But the retards from the Primitive Mens' Konglomerate and the Dim-wits' Party of India think otherwise.
Not only did Tamil Film star Kushboo receive Brickbats for the above remarks, A court in Tamil Nadu has issued an Arrest Warrant against her too!

And people like actress Suhasini, who came in support of the actress were also threatened with legal action.

The Constitution of India guarantees us the Freedom of Speech among other things as our Fundamental Rights yet....
We're a country of a Billion and growing yet talking about Sex is Taboo...
So many illegitimate children are aborted / born every day yet...

Shame on those Politicians for trying to teach us what's right!
Shame on us if we don't teach them a lesson in the elections!!

Support for Kushboo from Women's WORLD and AIDWA.
It's great to see youth Icons like Sania Mirza and Narain Karthikeyan extending support to Kushboo.
Not only did Sania's comments trigger protests, She has also been cowed into back tracking her statements. Not surprisingly Narain has been spared, revealing the Chauvinistic under tone in such protests.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

God's Children

A friend of mine got married yesterday, didn't bother to go to the wedding. No, not out of laziness or anything... was pretty disgusted with what she did, that’s why.
Loving someone and marrying someone else is something. But, mothering someone's child and marrying someone else is disgusting! What was even more disgusting was the way she went about it as if nothing happened.

Parents who spent most of their waking hours minting money least bothered about their daughter, a large empty house (no I won't call it a home), a jobless sibling less gal with money to spend... A perfect recipe for disaster I guess... Her parents were so engrossed in accumulating wealth that she actually got away with her pregnancy till it was too late. The parents never discovered it at all. One fine afternoon, she called them up... from the nursing home...! To inform them that they'd become Grand Parents!!

What was despicable and horrendous was that the heartless girl refused to even feed the child. She refused to even acknowledge the presence of the crying child... Her story, Boy friend misused her ignorance, used her and then split up when she was 3 months pregnant itself and that guy had since disappeared without leaving a telephone number.

With things like condoms and morning after pills being advertised heavily and being sold over the counter not only did this 'well educated', 'well-to-do' girl manage to get pregnant she went ahead and delivered a girl child too. With the liberal Abortion laws we've in India she could've terminated the pregnancy when it wasn't too late but, she didn't have the courage to face her parents it seems!

The new born infant for no mistake of its own was abandoned at an Orphanage the very same night!! Not only was the latest addition to the Indian Population illegitimate, it was of the female sex too. Imagine what it's like to be an orphaned girl alone in this evil world... Maybe she may get adopted and land up in a better home... BUT THAT'S JUST MAYBE!

Another tale of woe... I've known this quiet little gal for a long time too, from the time guys viewed gals as enemies ;) A traditional joint family up bringing, a bachelor's degree later she was married off in a grand three day ceremony.
Now six months later, pregnant with her first child, she's back at her parents' home...
Apparently her Mother-in-law drove her out after she was diagnosed with Syphilis! Her husband refused to have himself checked… For no fault of hers she was blamed, abused and packed off, shockingly and shamefully her husband is a Doctor.
Medical Science may still be able to save the child without any stigmata... BUT AGAIN THAT'S JUST MAYBE!

A new born human infant is probably the most helpless among all mammals, needing much more time to become Independent. Yet, what other animals don’t, we do! We pass on our sins, abandon them and at times even cold bloodedly murder them! What about the countless number of hapless children who are born flawed or abandoned for no mistake of their own.
If God holds all the strings, why are these children...God's children born into a life of suffering? If there's a God who is watching all this and is making all this happen Maybe he'll punish the sinners...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Love... Simplified!?!?

Unconditional Love = Concern and Acceptance
Conditional Love = Concern, No Acceptance
Tolerance = Acceptance, No Concern
Hatred = Neither Acceptance, Nor Concern

Unconditional Love - Parents for their new born Kids, Pets for their owners
Conditional Love - Parents for their grown up kids who generally don't listen
Tolerance - For our neighbors, Colleagues
Hatred - For our Enemies

So Simple Yet So Complex..... Isn't that what love is all about?