Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ignorance.. At its Worst!

Today I met a 30 year old guy who lived in a small village around 50 Kilo meters away from Chennai.

His Typical day:
He Works for a few hours in the morning at a nearby market, where he washes vegetables and earns around Five Rupees a day. He Spends the money to have some food. He returns home in the evening, eats and sleeps off. Even if food is unavailable he doesn't bother his widowed father, he goes off to sleep anyway.

This has been his routine for the past several years and he doesn't find any reason to change. Movies television etc don't interest him. He doesn't have any friends...

He didn't know who the Chief Minister of our state was...!
and when Asked about the political parties in the state... He gave one of those blank looks for a while and said... He had no idea!!!

Does Ignorance get any worse than this?
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