Monday, October 03, 2005

How Shameful.....

More than a year after a man in Lucknow was accused of raping his own daughters and was found guilty, he has now been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Two years ago, Mohammad Hashim perpetrated the worst crime a father can commit. For over three years, he sexually abused and raped two of his own daughters.

While the elder daughter had three sons from him, the younger one had a child when she was just 16. The family was so afraid of Hashim that no one spoke about it.

Taking a brave step, last year in February the younger daughter had the courage to run away and report the matter. But Hashim was brazen about it and accused them instead.

"The case has found some standing only after the DNA tests were conducted. Before this, he said, that the allegations were made in order to take over his house," said Qazi Sabih Ur-Rahaman, lawyer.

No means of livelihood and repeated trips to the court have separated the children from their mothers. All the four innocent children are now in an orphanage.

The order comes as some relief to the family but the terror of Hashim is still alive in the minds of the women.

"We are very scared that after his release he will kill all of us," said Nagma, Hashim's wife.

The family now plans to file another application in the court asking for the sentence to be increased to at least life imprisonment if not the death penalty.
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