Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm Sorry... I really am...

In a Sky with not many a star,
one fell off, the tiniest by far.
The other stars didn't know,
that it was raining in the earth below.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ignorance.. At its Worst!

Today I met a 30 year old guy who lived in a small village around 50 Kilo meters away from Chennai.

His Typical day:
He Works for a few hours in the morning at a nearby market, where he washes vegetables and earns around Five Rupees a day. He Spends the money to have some food. He returns home in the evening, eats and sleeps off. Even if food is unavailable he doesn't bother his widowed father, he goes off to sleep anyway.

This has been his routine for the past several years and he doesn't find any reason to change. Movies television etc don't interest him. He doesn't have any friends...

He didn't know who the Chief Minister of our state was...!
and when Asked about the political parties in the state... He gave one of those blank looks for a while and said... He had no idea!!!

Does Ignorance get any worse than this?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Reliance Retail Outlets in Chennai City

Addresses of all Reliance Retail Outlets in Chennai City

1) New No 80, Eldams Road, Teynampet, Ch 18 [opp Corporation School]
2) No 2/1, Dharshan Apartments, East mada street, Thiryvanmiyur Ch 41 [opp. Marutheeswarar Kovil]
3) Old no 3 New no 7, Muthukrishna street, (Exiting Merryland show room ) pondy bazaar, Ch-17 [near Naidu Hall]
4) 127, Arcot road ,Church street, Valasarawalkam Ch 87 [next to Data hotel]
5) 1327, New no 27, 18th main road, Anna Nagar West, Ch 40 [next to Syndicate bank]
6)56/L, Old no 22, new no 15, Lakshmanasami Salai, 11th avenue, Ashok nagar [opp.Pazhamaudhirsolai]
7) New no 24, Dr.Azhagappa Road, Purasalwalkam Ch 84 [near Krishna Sweets]
8) 456, 3rd avenue, New no 18, Indira Nagar Adyar [next to Abirami Trimara]
9) Old no 1, 420, Vazhaiyapadhi Street, Mogappair East, 33 nagar, Ch 37 [near MMM Hospital]
10) New 31, Plot 3721, Mullam village, 6th Avenue, Anna nagar, Ch 40 [Near K4 Police station]
11) Old no 25, new no 10, Abdullah street, Cholaimedu [Near Amma Hospital opposite street]
12) Abinaya centre, Old No 19, New no 4, Cooperative Colony, off Chamiers Road, Ch 18, [before park sheraton]

If you're interested in becoming a Franchisee or Supplier for Reliance Retail, contact the Human Resources Manager at their office in the Guindy Industrial Estate. Ph: 044 4553 2001. Please do not leave queries about the same here

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A journey into Perverted Minds

Balajee: Call me girls <9841760073>
Gopi: Kovai girls are cute SMS me <9842776079>
Rakesh: Hai gals wanna SMS for friend <9841179476>
Karthick: Any Chennai gals call or SMS me <9841527362>
Nick: Ethiraj gals looking for friendship
Remo: Romantic for Romantic beauties <9841871417>
Joe: Hai girls <9865822332>

These were some of the messages that were scrolling on SS (Southern Spice) Music Channel as I was having my tea two days back. So I messaged these guys and asked them a few questions just to delve into their minds. I stuck to the numbers that were from TN, But there were some outrageous messages from other places too, Kerla especially. No lies were told they all just assumed the messages were from girls...

Here are some of Gems:

Balajee: Call me girls <9841760073>
This guy was interested in girls for 'Marreje' and started abusing me when I told I was guy

Gopi: Kovai girls are cute SMS me <9842776079>
This guy likes only people of the opposite Sex, and feels liking a person of the same sex is abnormal. And he wants to meet Kovai girls... So doesn't want people from other areas.

Rakesh: Hai gals wanna SMS for friend <9841179476>
His Reply to one of my Messages 'You're Sweet, You MUST be a girl'. He wants girl friends because he doesn't have any.

Karthick: Any Chennai gals call or SMS me <9841527362>
'Girls are sweet angels while Guys all want only your money' He proclaims.

Nick: Ethiraj gals looking for friendship
He says Ethiraj girls are 'Outstanding' in 'Beauty' and Brains'. His Reply to one of my messages 'Trust me you're gorgeous'

Remo: Romantic for Romantic beauties <9841871417>
Vikram claims the catchy message was to attract attention. He claims that 'Ne Anba irundha Anba irupaen, Anbu kattuvaen..... BLAH BLAH' He abruptly stopped messaging me when I told him I was a guy. I don't know what got into him, maybe he thought I was lying and started sending similar messages today also assuming I was a girl. He claims to be in love with another gal too... I'm getting messages even as I'm typing this.

Joe: Hai girls <9865822332>
This kid is actually studying 8th class! I didn't ask him anything further.

Perveted minds I thought to myself...
Then I saw this message

Deepa: I need a good friend SMS me <9841120947>

Maybe I had misunderstood some phenomenon I thought. Maybe this was a new platform for Blind dates. To satisfy my curiosity I messaged this girl But with my full details.

The reply came I'm a guy!.... I leave the rest to your imagination!

Monday, October 03, 2005

How Shameful.....

More than a year after a man in Lucknow was accused of raping his own daughters and was found guilty, he has now been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Two years ago, Mohammad Hashim perpetrated the worst crime a father can commit. For over three years, he sexually abused and raped two of his own daughters.

While the elder daughter had three sons from him, the younger one had a child when she was just 16. The family was so afraid of Hashim that no one spoke about it.

Taking a brave step, last year in February the younger daughter had the courage to run away and report the matter. But Hashim was brazen about it and accused them instead.

"The case has found some standing only after the DNA tests were conducted. Before this, he said, that the allegations were made in order to take over his house," said Qazi Sabih Ur-Rahaman, lawyer.

No means of livelihood and repeated trips to the court have separated the children from their mothers. All the four innocent children are now in an orphanage.

The order comes as some relief to the family but the terror of Hashim is still alive in the minds of the women.

"We are very scared that after his release he will kill all of us," said Nagma, Hashim's wife.

The family now plans to file another application in the court asking for the sentence to be increased to at least life imprisonment if not the death penalty.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fighting (for) Osama - Lalu Style...

The leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal, Lalu Prasad Yadav has found a new Muslim mascot - Miraz Khaled Noor, the Osama look-alike, stolen from the Lok Janshakti Party.
From being a virtual nobody, Noor shot to fame during the last elections. His resemblance to Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden made him Ram Vilas Paswan's Muslim poster boy.
Read More.. Read More........

Paswan and Lalu both Ministers (No I wouldn't use the word Responsible...) in the Union Cabinet are not only using Osama a wanted terrorist as a Mascot... They're fighting over the look alike as well....

Its really disturbing to see Bihari Muslims look up to a terrorist who has set his sights on India as one of the countries that needs to be destroyed and humbled..... In spite of the very low literacy level it still is very shameful to see such an attitude among that community. What is even more shameful is that these Union Ministers acknowledge this as well!
All is fair in Politics for Indian Politicians I guess...