Sunday, September 04, 2005

India Pledges Aid to the USA - A Paradox?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has announced that India would contribute 5 million dollars to the United States Red Cross for relief and rehabilitation of the victims of the devastating hurricane Katrina.

While the Nationalists can do some chest thumping about the above deed that India is a growing super power so on and so forth...
Isn't it Paradoxical that India a country that was ranked 145th in the Gross National Income Per Capita (GNIPC) by the World Bank for 2004 is aiding a country that is ranked third in the list and whose GNIPC was over 12 times higher last year?

It's not as if all the citizens of our country have 3 meals a day and clean drinking water. It's not as if the US of A is short of money. It's not as if this 5 Million Dollars is going to make a big difference.

Why this unnecessary display of philanthropy? Who are we trying to please? Who are we trying to impress?
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