Saturday, September 24, 2005


Two months ago a friend of mine got married at a ceremony at a Church... in quite a rush! On enquiry as to the why the marriage happened in such a hurry.
The Answer came "Aadi month is starting tomorrow that's why."
Me, totally surprised "But what has the Aadi month superstition got to do with Christianity?!?!?"
"Nothing... Summa... Uncle told... Auntie told... Granny told... Neighbor told... blah... blah..." came the response.

I also have a problem with people taking processions with statues of Jesus...
Next what? Dissolving the statues in the sea on Christmas day like on Ganesh Chathurthi?

Also people have started lighting camphor and incense sticks in small road side churches....
Next what? Abishekam and Puja for Jesus with Honey and Milk?

Also people who have recently converted to Christianity start visiting Hindu temples in times of trouble, exam times etc!

I DON'T have a problem with people changing their faith from god to god. It's a free world anyone can follow any religion But what's the point in changing from one religion to another when u can't trust either or beleive that god is one?

Disclaimer: I am NOT a radical Hindu Fanatic. I just have a problem with spineless people. And all the above are happening in Chennai if not anywhere else.
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