Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Promises & Commitments

A master carpenter was set to retire after a long and dedicated career building houses for a prominent contractor. At the very beginning of his illustrious tenure he had to promise the contractor that every house he built would be would be built with dedication, care and love as if it was the most important project he had ever been given.

Getting ready to retire, the carpenter went to his boss and informed him that the house he had just completed would be his last. The boss said he was sorry to see him go and asked if he would be kind enough to do a final favor for him. 'Just build me one more house' requested the employer, then you're free to go.' The carpenter, who respected his boss a great deal, agreed and immediately got to work on the new house. But unlike every other house he had built over the years, he did not use the full extent of his expertise with this final one and took every shortcut he knew, used inferior materials and hurried to get the task over with so that he could begin his life as a retired man.

Within weeks the house was completed and the carpenter informed the boss of this fact. 'Thanks for doing this for me, these are for you.' the employer said, handing him over the the keys to the front door. The house you just built is my parting gift for all your years of hard work and dedication.' The carpenter was astounded, he could not believe that the home he had just built was his own.

Because he had breached his core commitment, he ended up living in the only inferior home that he had ever built....
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