Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Religion and its interpretations

'The Imrana Rape Case' as blown up by the media... A case that fuelled anti-Muslim sentiments around the country... But there remain several unanswered questions...

Did the alcohol inebriated Father-in-law really try to molest Imrana?
Is Imrana using the law as a weapon against her in law?
Does an attempt to molest constitute rape as blown out of proportions by the media?
If a woman willingly consents for a physical relationship with her father-in-law, then her relationship with her husband maybe placed in a precarious position... BUT for no fault of her own because her father-in-law tried to molest her should she be penalized?

that's why we've the police to investigate and the courts to Judge. But the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has overlooked these purely logical questions and has issued a 'Shariat' (a law) stating that Imrana's marriage to her husband stands nullified and she should live away from her husband!!!

'The Quran' states the punishment for rape should be death. When the Muslim Board is incapable of carrying out what 'the Quran' tells against the accused is it justified in issuing a Shariat against the victim?

Another case that was in the news at the same time... Though it had happened a few years ago...
A tribal council in Pakistan had ordered the rape of Mukhtaran Mai because her brother had an affair with a girl of a different class! One of the courts had even acquitted the perpetrators of this heinous act and now the case has reached the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

All religions say everyone is equal in the eyes of god but why this paradox when it comes to men and women? Its not jut Islam, Hinduism and Christianity are no exceptions to these Paradoxes either its just that the Islamic ways seem so harsh to us. The Hindu law doesn't provide for equal inheritance to daughters and sons for their father's property. How can we call India a land of equals when the law discriminates between men and women and between religions? We need a COMMON CIVIL CODE, But like every other remediable problem in the country the political establishment lacks the political-will to push it through.

No religion preaches that woman should be treated inferior to men, Its because of the people who interpret the religion have interpreted it so and the wrong interpretation has been propagated through the generations accumulating such muck. RELIGIONS WERE FORMED AGES AND AGES AGO, TIMES HAVE CHANGED A LOT AND SO HAVE OUR CULTURES AND PRACTICES, SO SHOULD RELIGIONS AND THEIR PREACHERS OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE MANY MORE IMRANAS AND MUKHTARAN MAIS
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