Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Exam Mode @#$%$%#^@@^#&

When its a month to go for a major exam, I'm always the same living in my artificial environs reading, eating , sleeping and of course reading the News Paper.
The Doors are shut so are my windows, the blinds are drawn and the tube lights are on even at 12 noon! The relative lack of noise and disturbance at night makes it the most appropriate time for my activities, inactivity rather in the physical sense;-)

So when I sleep at 5AM and get up 11AM I dunno whether I should Breakfast or Lunch... Then its books all day with a short nap in between. A Family dinner at 8PM leaves me drowsy for an hour and all hungry at 2 AM in the night.... Morning rather... After a nocturnal snack and an Ice tea which I make its back to the books for another 3 hours...

Now that my exams are over and so is my holiday and I'm Back!

Addendum to my previous post:
The Supreme Court reaffirmed my faith in the law of the land by quashing AMMA's order. But AMMA says she'll be back next year with something else!
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