Friday, June 03, 2005

Women Politicians!

In 2003, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government introduced the The Women's Reservation Bill which eventually lapsed due to lack of consensus. How glad I was that the bill fell through!

It's not that I'm a male Chauvinist but my opinions about Woman politicians have never been great. Taking the 13 month BJP government for instance, it was a loosely woven coalition of power hungry politicians with a wafer thin majority . And the most of important of all it constituted 3 parties that were led by women, the BSP by Mayawati, the Trinamool Congress by Mamata Banerjee and the AIADMK by our very own AMMA!

The government in New Delhi shook everytime these 3 pillars threw tantrums and some special envoy of the PM had to be sent to pacify these Women leaders. The country suffered from lack of a stable government and concrete policies and all that mattered to these women were their own personal interests. AMMA wanted to escape the law Mamata wanted a Specific ministry and Mayawati was leading another coalition with the BJP at UP. I despised the three and the collapse of the government was quite a relief to me.

Not being a great fan of the Dynasty politics in Congress I'm quite skeptical about Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka too.
Take Uma Bharathi the Sanyasin, She gave LK Advani jitters even though the BJP is not in power by threatening to quit politics if she weren't given a party post. Shouldn't she have done that when she started calling herself a Sanyasin?
And back to Mayawati, she's now threatening to pull the plug on the UPA which she supports from the outside because... The CBI is proceeding against her in the Taj heritage corridor scam.

Take Bihar, Laloo cant rule so his wife Rabri Devi is ruling the state! Leaders should set examples and an example of how a leader shouldn't be is the Pan Chewing often doped Laloo and his wife and some nine kids! How will the state ever implement family planning initiatives with these two on the top? How will the state ever improve with an ever growing population now that the mineral rich Jharkand is a separate state? With fewer sources of income and bad leadership the state is nowhere on the road to prosperity.

At Chennai where i live, my locality the seat for the councilor is reserved for women again here the Local Dada's wife is the one who faces the poll. But no prizes for guessing who's the real power around here.

My point is Not only that most of the Woman politicians we already have are driven by personal gain they are incapable of providing stability to the country. Its not that the country does not have good women leaders its just that we don't have enough to fill up 33% of our local councils, assemblies and the Parliament. The reservation will only lead to substitution by the wife or a relative who'll end up being remote controlled.

The Final word:
Even though I'm totally opposed to reservations, If there has to be a reservation for women then why not 50% in all educational institutions? Let Women develop into leaders rather than thrusting elected posts onto them with a reservation.I don't know if the future Women politicians will also be like Amma or Maya But I hope not for INDIA's sake.... Only time will tell...
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