Monday, June 20, 2005

Tamil Nadu - Where being Young is a crime....

A week back AMMA quashed thousands of hopes with a single G.O. when she deemed the Common Entrance Test, the TNPCEE void and that admissions to colleges would be based only on the marks obtained in the 12th board examinations. Also the Improvement scores were cancelled. All the above with immediate effect and would be followed in the future too...

AMMA's reasons:
  • The TNPCEE exerted undue pressure on the students and parents... Are we gonna entrust the future to Doctors and engineers who can't handle pressure situations?
  • TNPCEE coaching centers are making a lot of money... More than what AMMA gets under the table?
  • Rural students find themselves at a disadvantage because of the TNPCEE... The government schools they study in have such low teaching standards, Shouldn't the schools be spruced up instead?

The Actual Reason:

PMK which lacks an ideology or issues had raked up this issue and AMMA scrapped the TNPCEE so that PMK didn't gain political mileage from this....

BUT What about the thousands who spent a whole year to improve their scores? Shouldn't they have been informed last year itself?

What about the efforts of the thousands of students who studied hard for the TNPCEE?

Apart from these humanitarian Considerations....

The new ranking system is a joke!!!

The Order of Priority:

  1. Biology/Mathematics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Date of Birth!!!!
  5. Lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The statistics reveal there are 200 students who have 200/200 in the Medical ranking!!! And there are almost another 3000 students between 199.75 to 199.00.

So in medicine where there are only about 1200 seats the Oldest of the 200 scorers will get MMC while the youngest might land up in one of the not so good colleges. And someone who gets 199.50 or 199.25 might not get anything at all!!!

The CET is Objective and is not prone to human errors unlike the board examinations which are prone to the vagaries of the examiners... If the CET alone had been declared as the sole system for ranking it would have been logical BUT.... Amma gives a damn for logic! Its a pity that the educational system is being ruined by petty politics...

One things for sure.... I'm glad I cleared 12th 6 years back!!!!

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