Friday, June 10, 2005

The Sun Rise

I don't consider myself lazy BUT after burning Midnight Oil for 6 years of my college life, I had seen the sun rise only a few times that too during an NCC camp. I had joined the Owls, Bats and the other creatures of the night that function better at night.

I was never excepting any of this to Change when I shifted back home to Chennai after college. My increasing waistline, total lack of exercise and the hot summer prompted me to go for swimming at my dad's club pool.

Some of the Characters who frequent the pool....
  • The next 'Thorpedo' : This kid always waits for someone to come by before he crosses just ahead, and always he fails and I end up waiting for him to pas by.
  • The 'Big fat Sub' : This guy also waits for someone to cross before crossing Only he crosses underneath! Though the pool is comfortably deep Trust me its not a funny sight to see someone crossing underneath You...
  • The Bug : This kid who keeps calling me uncle! Even though I've tried explaining to him I'm not old enough :-(
  • The 'Military Dad': This guy comes along with his two kids and keeps telling them that they should swim 25 laps up and down the pool (for the 25 bucks he paid???) and keeps counting 24.. 23.. The Kids though, they keep fooling around.
  • The 'Floating Flirt': Literally this jerk floats from one gal to another and flirts... I recently read an article by a gal about 5 essentials for a guy, one among those was to carry a good book which would make good for at least two minutes of conversation with a gal. Here I found the advice being put into use real time... The only book he knows is 'The monk who sold his Ferrari' He advises the naive gals (some hardly class 8) to read Non-Fiction!!!
  • Then there are those huge fatsos who displace the water in the pool by diving in and the really sweet Kid who's hardly 4 or 5 who floats around the pool always smiling.
  • Then there are the numerous anxious parents who put a chair wherever there's shade and jump up and down every time their kid does something.

This Circus starts at 7, So I sleep before midnight, get up before six and leave the pool by 7.

But then I get to see the Sun rise daily!

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