Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Killer Stick!

Rajnikanth flicks a Cigarette in the air shoots it backhand with his pistol and when the cigarette falls down it not only lands right between his lips, its lit up and ready to smoke... The crowds go into a frenzy in the theatre, they love it that's what they came to see, Rajni's style! Vijayakanth lights match sticks on his enemies and lights up his cigarette and blurts out a punch line! And the audience start applauding...

Living in a country that churns out as many films as Hollywood, cinema has become an integral part of our life, more so with the advent of the Satellite Channels. We get exposed to Cinema at quite a young age and such antics on screen can have a deep impact on the fan who wants to mimic the macho image of his hero. Young men even boys who see their hero blowing smoke circles watch in awe and try to imitate and before they know it they're hooked on to the habit. And once they start its difficult to quit. Peer pressure is another factor.

But Reel life is mostly only a reflection of Real life mixed with a bit of the creator's imagination. Its not that a majority of the men and some women don't already smoke But if actors are a bit more responsible and desist from doing sending the wrong message across the screen it will not only help existing Smokers give up it will also stem the rising number of new smokers.

Actors definitely know the impact they've on their audience that's why we have so many actors becoming successful politicians. I'm not telling every actor should start preaching pearls of wisdom in their films But at least they can stop misleading young minds.

The government which in recent times has taken the initiative to curb the health hazard like banning smoking in public places, banning advertising tobacco products, restricting sale of tobacco products near schools and to under age boys etc has now taken the task of reforming filmdom and has banned all smoking in films to be released.

But laws are meant to be broken, for some there always loop holes!Like when the government banned advertising of Tobacco and Alcoholic products we started seeing ads for WILLS lifestyle, KINGFISHER mineral water, BACARDI cassettes and CD's, 100 pipers Pure music...

But what if a film maker wants to show someone who smokes and later succumbs to disease due to his habits? The law will Restrict the filmmakers canvass definitely But I guess he'll have to die of something else then. Or the law should have provisions to selectively allow such movies and they should be cleared on a case to case basis to prevent misuse. Don't gambling, rowdyism, violence on screen have a bad impact on the people too? Will the government try to restrict such things on screen in the future too?

I hope filmmakers and our screen idols realize their duty to the society and give the Killer stick a kick in the ass and start acting responsibly!
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