Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Formula One - Misplaced Priorities

I've been a keen follower of Formula one races since the time when Michael Schumacher was the Underdog and Hakkinen was having his engineered run at the top for two successive years.

After Hakkinen's Downfall, rather after Schumacher and Ferrari returned to their winning ways there was no looking back for Schumi as he surpassed one record after another. Rain or shine his precise driving and the Ferrari stratergy bagged race after race.

Then came the spate of Rule changes...
First came the one lap qualifiers.
Then the points system was changed so that the second place finisher got 2 more points. But who could stop someone who always came first?
Then came the 2005 rule changes that curtailed tyre and engine changes and Ferrari too.

We're probably living in the era of the greatest of Formula one drivers, barring Ayrton Senna's prematurely ended career no one has come anywhere close to dominating Formula one Racing so much as this Seven time World Champion. But all Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA are worried about is their pockets because some people think F1 racing has become Monotonous and Boring due to Michael Schumacher's winning ways.
Is the FIA Justified in bringing in all these rule changes to combat dropping television viewership?

Is the spirit of the sport important or the people who pay to watch it?
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