Friday, June 03, 2005

Adam n Eve

My favorite Channels: Headlines Today and NDTV 24X7 Partly because of my general outlook toward life to be well informed and partly because of the Set Top Box implementing a curfew on other channels in Chennai!

There have been many incidents of rape hitting the news recently, I had attributed it to my recent spurt in watching TV after a 6 year hiatus due to hostel life and to the news channels' attitude of sensationalism!

But the statistics are stunning when it hits you, where's India heading for?
One woman is raped and two kidnapped in New Delhi everyday!
AND its just 30% of the national average!!

April this year a cop in Mumbai had the audacity to Rape a schoolgirl in a police booth right in the middle of a crowded junction!Maybe because he knew the conviction rate in the country is an abysmal 4.8%!!!

But all hope is not lost for the 'weaker sex' A fast track court in Rajasthan recently handed out life sentences in just 15 days! A record of sorts by the over burdened Indian Judiciary but such isolated judgments are not enough to send a strong message to the rapists...
If there's one rape a day in New Delhi alone why cant there be one conviction a day at least? Maybe there should be harsher punishments...
Maybe all rapists should be hanged to death
OR maybe We should start stoning rapists like in Arab countries
OR maybe we should castrate these guys and cut of their dicks too!
Not only rape, Even minor acts like groping a woman shouldn't be let off so easily!

Last year Akku Yadav a serial rapist was killed in a court by a mob of women who were victimized by him! An inspiring tale to the rest of the nation... I'm not saying that the victims should take law into their own hands BUT why not if justice eludes the victim?

One things for sure if the women choose to remain silent spectators this thing is never gonna end! Learning the arts of Self defense and carrying small make shift weapons is only a temporary solution. There should be a shift in the mindset of men towards women. One way out is Sex education at school BUT what good is it when most of these guys are uneducated or are inebriated by alcohol when they commit these acts?

One thing I'm sure of Eve shouldn't have given the apple to Adam, she should have eaten it herself!!
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