Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Life's ratings

The rating's pretty close I'll say. Thanks Jamuna!

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 6.9
Mind: 8.2
Body: 9.2
Spirit: 6.3
Friends/Family: 4.7
Love: 2.9
Finance: 5.2
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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Petty politics of Cash doles

In the wee hours of this wet Sunday morning just a week after the stampede in a similar relief camp set up by the government at Vyasarpadi, Chennai claimed 6 lives A stampede at KK Nagar, Chennai has already claimed 42 lives.

Now more people have died in Chennai due to stampedes for getting flood relief than due to the floods itself!!!

Disasters and tragedies are merry times for the people in power. Everyone wants to be seen as doing something good for the people in need of help. Bigger the publicity for the event, bigger is the cash dole. Hours into the tragedy the Chief Minister announced a cash dole of Rs. 1,00,000 for the families of each of the victims

  • The government has announced a compensation of Rs. 50,000 only to each of the families of those who died in the bus accidents in which the buses were swept away in floods in Ramanathapuram and Thanjavur districts last month.
  • How is the life of someone who is killed with lesser media glare in anyway less worthy of similar compensation?
  • Who are these people to decide the value of a life?
  • What would the grieving families do with all this money?

In the first place the stampede itself was because the government was doling out Rs. 2,000 to the people. Instead of resorting to such bribery months before the elections the government could've taken precautionary measures to prevent such inundation of residential areas due to flooding.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Drain Brain

No it's not another term for a Moron. It's just that the arguments against Brain Drain are so flawed that I thought I could take the liberty to create another flaw!

According to the World Bank's report on `Global economic prospects' India has emerged as the top recipient of remittances globally with its workers abroad sending in a whopping $21.7 billion back home in 2004.

Some facts about India for the same Period
External Debt : $117.2 billion
Income from Exports: $69.18 billion
Income from our diaspora: $21.7 billion

Speaks volumes about all those people who toil hard in a foreign land to feed those back home. While all those unlucky people who lacked the opportunity to go abroad keep harping about how 'Indian' talent is driving 'Foreign' Economies these silent crusaders have been working hard to improve the quality of life of their kith and kin back home.

I personally know an IIT Gold Medalist who chose to stay back even though most of his batchmates left the country. After a decade of experience he was finding it difficult to land a job because he was considered 'Over-Qualified'!! After a year of being jobless in India he is now working at a MNC in Singapore where they pay him 20 times what he got here!!

I firmly believe there's no place like 'Home Sweet Home' But for those who're talented enough to create for themselves a respectable career abroad for which they're not considered 'Over-Qualified', they should go ahead and do just that.

If they want to do something back for their motherland It doesn't necessarily mean coming back here and becoming a Farmer, they can also stay put there and send in wealth that can make our INDIA a better place.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Hypocrisy #05 - The power hungry Sanyasin

Sanyasin is one who walks the path of Sanyasa which symbolizes the conception of the mystic life in Hinduism where a person is now integrated into the spiritual world after renouncing all material life.

Uma Bharti who calls herself a Sanyasin sulks, throws temper tantrums, walks out of meetings all because she was denied the Chief Minister's chair of the state of Madhya Pradesh.
Her supporters resorted to violence and effigy burning after she staged a walk-out.

How can someone who has lust for power call herself a Sanyasin?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

When Democracy was Raped

UPDATED from the Original Post dated July 26, 2005

After months of haggling and obviously after money and promises of ministerial berths etc., were exchanged the LJP split and the Janata Dal United which is part of the NDA led by Nitish Kumar finally got the required number of MLAs to stake claim to form the government in Bihar. But the prime minister's office worked overtime that night rather into the next day morning and got the president to ink the order dissolving the Bihar Assembly.

Their reason was that intensive horse trading going on, didn't they realize it till the LJP split and any realistic chances of the RJD led UPA forming a government faded away? Though the Congress would've risked loosing the support of the Laloo lead RJD wouldn't the people of Bihar have got a respite after several years of mis-rule under Laloo and Rabri?

An election is an opportunity for the people to exercise their choice of who they perceive as most suitable to rule them. Everyone has a different opinion and because of the clutter of political parties We're having more and more hung assemblies and parliaments which finally end up in coalition governments. It is not unusual nowadays to see haggling between coalition partners who finally end up forming the government.

Is the Central government justified in dissolving the state assembly elected by a over a million people for their whim and fancy? Finally its the people of Bihar who have to pass the verdict through their votes in the coming assembly elections.

UPDATE 1 (07.10.05):
The Supreme Court ruled on October 7, 2005 that a government decision to dissolve the legislature in Bihar was unconstitutional, but it stopped short of overturning the move.

UPDATE 2 (01.12.05):
More important than the Supreme Court's decision the people of Bihar have passed their verdict. Laloo was routed in the elections to the legislative assembly and Nitish Kumar has stormed to powr in Bihar.

Politicians should learn that there's always a price to pay for ignoring the democratic will of the people.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hypocrisy #04 - Kolkata and the Rest of India

The Indian Cricket team and Cricket lovers watching the fourth ODI between India and South Africa were stunned by the behavior of the Kolkata crowd. The crowd jeered at the Indian cricketers, booed the coach , cheered the fall of every Indian wicket and cheered when the South African scored runs too.
While commentators of the live broadcast masqueraded the crowd's behavior as sportiveness, the Indian captain was modest.

This was the same crowd that disrupted the 1996 World Cup semi-final against Sri Lanka because India was losing?

These were the people who interrupted the Indo-Pak Test in 1999 because Sachin Tendulkar was given out unfairly?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hypocrisy #03 - Ganguly the Batting All-Rounder!!!

The Indian Cricket team selectors have made complete asses of themselves by selecting former Indian Captain Saurav Ganguly as a 'Batting all-rounder'.
Ganguly may have been a great batsman, but the stats speak for themselves. Ganguly has taken 25 wickets in 84 tests at an average of over 50. As a captain he has taken just 5 wickets at a dismal average of 124!!
The opinion of the coach, logic and Common sense were ignored during the process. It's a shame that in form Zaheer Khan was left out just because Ganguly had support from the ruling faction of the cricket board.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Shoot the Hostage

Indian Driver working with the Border Roads Organization in Afghanistan shot dead, by his captors.
India doesn't have a Military presence in Afghanistan, The Government couldn't possibly be blamed for not attempting a Commando Rescue Operation.
But was there no other way of rescuing that innocent life?

A few Questions

  • Is the government's policy non-engagement with terrorists justified in similar circumstances?
  • Is the lives of a few citizens in anyway less important than the prestige of our country?
  • Would the government have acted... rather been inactive if the hostage had been some important politician's relative?

In 1999, the then NDA government did relent to the demands of the terrorists when three terrorists were released at Kandahar in exchange for the release of 173 passengers of a hijacked Indian Airlines flight.

  • Who are we (it's our government... after all) to decide which lives are valuable and which aren't?
  • But if we give into the terrorists' demands won't it become a vicious cycle?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Hypocrisy #02

RSS Chief K S Sudarshan expressed his concern over the country's changing demographic profile and said he has been urging Hindus to have not less than three children.

What he means...
  • Stay poor
  • Stay Uneducated
  • Keep voting for us.... for the Parivar .
  • The congress has ruled (READ: ruined) you for the last half century.We'll do that over the next...

Shame on the politicians! Not only do they set Bad Examples... (Like Laloo who has 9 children) Instead of taking the mother of all problems plaguing our country head on they're actually promoting it too!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hypocrisy #01

Our Population is almost 1.1 Billion and still going strong.
The annual population growth is almost 16 per thousand.
Speaking of Sex, watching or reading about such things (porn) is taboo.
Yet... Our enterprising country men seem to be doing it with little know how.

Maybe it's transmitted through our genes... maybe!

On a lighter note, A comparison between the world's two largest democracies... India and the US of A.
In USA you can KISS in public but can't PISS!
In India you can PISS in public but can't KISS!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Immoral Policing

"No educated man would expect his wife to be a virgin!
Premarital sex was fine provided precautions were taken! "
said Kushboo, So what's the big deal we may think? But the retards from the Primitive Mens' Konglomerate and the Dim-wits' Party of India think otherwise.
Not only did Tamil Film star Kushboo receive Brickbats for the above remarks, A court in Tamil Nadu has issued an Arrest Warrant against her too!

And people like actress Suhasini, who came in support of the actress were also threatened with legal action.

The Constitution of India guarantees us the Freedom of Speech among other things as our Fundamental Rights yet....
We're a country of a Billion and growing yet talking about Sex is Taboo...
So many illegitimate children are aborted / born every day yet...

Shame on those Politicians for trying to teach us what's right!
Shame on us if we don't teach them a lesson in the elections!!

Support for Kushboo from Women's WORLD and AIDWA.
It's great to see youth Icons like Sania Mirza and Narain Karthikeyan extending support to Kushboo.
Not only did Sania's comments trigger protests, She has also been cowed into back tracking her statements. Not surprisingly Narain has been spared, revealing the Chauvinistic under tone in such protests.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

God's Children

A friend of mine got married yesterday, didn't bother to go to the wedding. No, not out of laziness or anything... was pretty disgusted with what she did, that’s why.
Loving someone and marrying someone else is something. But, mothering someone's child and marrying someone else is disgusting! What was even more disgusting was the way she went about it as if nothing happened.

Parents who spent most of their waking hours minting money least bothered about their daughter, a large empty house (no I won't call it a home), a jobless sibling less gal with money to spend... A perfect recipe for disaster I guess... Her parents were so engrossed in accumulating wealth that she actually got away with her pregnancy till it was too late. The parents never discovered it at all. One fine afternoon, she called them up... from the nursing home...! To inform them that they'd become Grand Parents!!

What was despicable and horrendous was that the heartless girl refused to even feed the child. She refused to even acknowledge the presence of the crying child... Her story, Boy friend misused her ignorance, used her and then split up when she was 3 months pregnant itself and that guy had since disappeared without leaving a telephone number.

With things like condoms and morning after pills being advertised heavily and being sold over the counter not only did this 'well educated', 'well-to-do' girl manage to get pregnant she went ahead and delivered a girl child too. With the liberal Abortion laws we've in India she could've terminated the pregnancy when it wasn't too late but, she didn't have the courage to face her parents it seems!

The new born infant for no mistake of its own was abandoned at an Orphanage the very same night!! Not only was the latest addition to the Indian Population illegitimate, it was of the female sex too. Imagine what it's like to be an orphaned girl alone in this evil world... Maybe she may get adopted and land up in a better home... BUT THAT'S JUST MAYBE!

Another tale of woe... I've known this quiet little gal for a long time too, from the time guys viewed gals as enemies ;) A traditional joint family up bringing, a bachelor's degree later she was married off in a grand three day ceremony.
Now six months later, pregnant with her first child, she's back at her parents' home...
Apparently her Mother-in-law drove her out after she was diagnosed with Syphilis! Her husband refused to have himself checked… For no fault of hers she was blamed, abused and packed off, shockingly and shamefully her husband is a Doctor.
Medical Science may still be able to save the child without any stigmata... BUT AGAIN THAT'S JUST MAYBE!

A new born human infant is probably the most helpless among all mammals, needing much more time to become Independent. Yet, what other animals don’t, we do! We pass on our sins, abandon them and at times even cold bloodedly murder them! What about the countless number of hapless children who are born flawed or abandoned for no mistake of their own.
If God holds all the strings, why are these children...God's children born into a life of suffering? If there's a God who is watching all this and is making all this happen Maybe he'll punish the sinners...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Love... Simplified!?!?

Unconditional Love = Concern and Acceptance
Conditional Love = Concern, No Acceptance
Tolerance = Acceptance, No Concern
Hatred = Neither Acceptance, Nor Concern

Unconditional Love - Parents for their new born Kids, Pets for their owners
Conditional Love - Parents for their grown up kids who generally don't listen
Tolerance - For our neighbors, Colleagues
Hatred - For our Enemies

So Simple Yet So Complex..... Isn't that what love is all about?

Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm Sorry... I really am...

In a Sky with not many a star,
one fell off, the tiniest by far.
The other stars didn't know,
that it was raining in the earth below.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ignorance.. At its Worst!

Today I met a 30 year old guy who lived in a small village around 50 Kilo meters away from Chennai.

His Typical day:
He Works for a few hours in the morning at a nearby market, where he washes vegetables and earns around Five Rupees a day. He Spends the money to have some food. He returns home in the evening, eats and sleeps off. Even if food is unavailable he doesn't bother his widowed father, he goes off to sleep anyway.

This has been his routine for the past several years and he doesn't find any reason to change. Movies television etc don't interest him. He doesn't have any friends...

He didn't know who the Chief Minister of our state was...!
and when Asked about the political parties in the state... He gave one of those blank looks for a while and said... He had no idea!!!

Does Ignorance get any worse than this?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Reliance Retail Outlets in Chennai City

Addresses of all Reliance Retail Outlets in Chennai City

1) New No 80, Eldams Road, Teynampet, Ch 18 [opp Corporation School]
2) No 2/1, Dharshan Apartments, East mada street, Thiryvanmiyur Ch 41 [opp. Marutheeswarar Kovil]
3) Old no 3 New no 7, Muthukrishna street, (Exiting Merryland show room ) pondy bazaar, Ch-17 [near Naidu Hall]
4) 127, Arcot road ,Church street, Valasarawalkam Ch 87 [next to Data hotel]
5) 1327, New no 27, 18th main road, Anna Nagar West, Ch 40 [next to Syndicate bank]
6)56/L, Old no 22, new no 15, Lakshmanasami Salai, 11th avenue, Ashok nagar [opp.Pazhamaudhirsolai]
7) New no 24, Dr.Azhagappa Road, Purasalwalkam Ch 84 [near Krishna Sweets]
8) 456, 3rd avenue, New no 18, Indira Nagar Adyar [next to Abirami Trimara]
9) Old no 1, 420, Vazhaiyapadhi Street, Mogappair East, 33 nagar, Ch 37 [near MMM Hospital]
10) New 31, Plot 3721, Mullam village, 6th Avenue, Anna nagar, Ch 40 [Near K4 Police station]
11) Old no 25, new no 10, Abdullah street, Cholaimedu [Near Amma Hospital opposite street]
12) Abinaya centre, Old No 19, New no 4, Cooperative Colony, off Chamiers Road, Ch 18, [before park sheraton]

If you're interested in becoming a Franchisee or Supplier for Reliance Retail, contact the Human Resources Manager at their office in the Guindy Industrial Estate. Ph: 044 4553 2001. Please do not leave queries about the same here

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A journey into Perverted Minds

Balajee: Call me girls <9841760073>
Gopi: Kovai girls are cute SMS me <9842776079>
Rakesh: Hai gals wanna SMS for friend <9841179476>
Karthick: Any Chennai gals call or SMS me <9841527362>
Nick: Ethiraj gals looking for friendship
Remo: Romantic for Romantic beauties <9841871417>
Joe: Hai girls <9865822332>

These were some of the messages that were scrolling on SS (Southern Spice) Music Channel as I was having my tea two days back. So I messaged these guys and asked them a few questions just to delve into their minds. I stuck to the numbers that were from TN, But there were some outrageous messages from other places too, Kerla especially. No lies were told they all just assumed the messages were from girls...

Here are some of Gems:

Balajee: Call me girls <9841760073>
This guy was interested in girls for 'Marreje' and started abusing me when I told I was guy

Gopi: Kovai girls are cute SMS me <9842776079>
This guy likes only people of the opposite Sex, and feels liking a person of the same sex is abnormal. And he wants to meet Kovai girls... So doesn't want people from other areas.

Rakesh: Hai gals wanna SMS for friend <9841179476>
His Reply to one of my Messages 'You're Sweet, You MUST be a girl'. He wants girl friends because he doesn't have any.

Karthick: Any Chennai gals call or SMS me <9841527362>
'Girls are sweet angels while Guys all want only your money' He proclaims.

Nick: Ethiraj gals looking for friendship
He says Ethiraj girls are 'Outstanding' in 'Beauty' and Brains'. His Reply to one of my messages 'Trust me you're gorgeous'

Remo: Romantic for Romantic beauties <9841871417>
Vikram claims the catchy message was to attract attention. He claims that 'Ne Anba irundha Anba irupaen, Anbu kattuvaen..... BLAH BLAH' He abruptly stopped messaging me when I told him I was a guy. I don't know what got into him, maybe he thought I was lying and started sending similar messages today also assuming I was a girl. He claims to be in love with another gal too... I'm getting messages even as I'm typing this.

Joe: Hai girls <9865822332>
This kid is actually studying 8th class! I didn't ask him anything further.

Perveted minds I thought to myself...
Then I saw this message

Deepa: I need a good friend SMS me <9841120947>

Maybe I had misunderstood some phenomenon I thought. Maybe this was a new platform for Blind dates. To satisfy my curiosity I messaged this girl But with my full details.

The reply came I'm a guy!.... I leave the rest to your imagination!

Monday, October 03, 2005

How Shameful.....

More than a year after a man in Lucknow was accused of raping his own daughters and was found guilty, he has now been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Two years ago, Mohammad Hashim perpetrated the worst crime a father can commit. For over three years, he sexually abused and raped two of his own daughters.

While the elder daughter had three sons from him, the younger one had a child when she was just 16. The family was so afraid of Hashim that no one spoke about it.

Taking a brave step, last year in February the younger daughter had the courage to run away and report the matter. But Hashim was brazen about it and accused them instead.

"The case has found some standing only after the DNA tests were conducted. Before this, he said, that the allegations were made in order to take over his house," said Qazi Sabih Ur-Rahaman, lawyer.

No means of livelihood and repeated trips to the court have separated the children from their mothers. All the four innocent children are now in an orphanage.

The order comes as some relief to the family but the terror of Hashim is still alive in the minds of the women.

"We are very scared that after his release he will kill all of us," said Nagma, Hashim's wife.

The family now plans to file another application in the court asking for the sentence to be increased to at least life imprisonment if not the death penalty.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fighting (for) Osama - Lalu Style...

The leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal, Lalu Prasad Yadav has found a new Muslim mascot - Miraz Khaled Noor, the Osama look-alike, stolen from the Lok Janshakti Party.
From being a virtual nobody, Noor shot to fame during the last elections. His resemblance to Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden made him Ram Vilas Paswan's Muslim poster boy.
Read More.. Read More........

Paswan and Lalu both Ministers (No I wouldn't use the word Responsible...) in the Union Cabinet are not only using Osama a wanted terrorist as a Mascot... They're fighting over the look alike as well....

Its really disturbing to see Bihari Muslims look up to a terrorist who has set his sights on India as one of the countries that needs to be destroyed and humbled..... In spite of the very low literacy level it still is very shameful to see such an attitude among that community. What is even more shameful is that these Union Ministers acknowledge this as well!
All is fair in Politics for Indian Politicians I guess...

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Two months ago a friend of mine got married at a ceremony at a Church... in quite a rush! On enquiry as to the why the marriage happened in such a hurry.
The Answer came "Aadi month is starting tomorrow that's why."
Me, totally surprised "But what has the Aadi month superstition got to do with Christianity?!?!?"
"Nothing... Summa... Uncle told... Auntie told... Granny told... Neighbor told... blah... blah..." came the response.

I also have a problem with people taking processions with statues of Jesus...
Next what? Dissolving the statues in the sea on Christmas day like on Ganesh Chathurthi?

Also people have started lighting camphor and incense sticks in small road side churches....
Next what? Abishekam and Puja for Jesus with Honey and Milk?

Also people who have recently converted to Christianity start visiting Hindu temples in times of trouble, exam times etc!

I DON'T have a problem with people changing their faith from god to god. It's a free world anyone can follow any religion But what's the point in changing from one religion to another when u can't trust either or beleive that god is one?

Disclaimer: I am NOT a radical Hindu Fanatic. I just have a problem with spineless people. And all the above are happening in Chennai if not anywhere else.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

25th Post - 25 Likes

Twenty Five things I like... love... Enjoy....It's in no particular order though...

01. Chennai City, liked Madras better though
02. Good Food... anything really, I love to experiment
03. Psychiatry
04. Black and Blue... No its not about getting beaten up!
05. Family and Friends... the truthful and loyal ones especially.
06. Noisy Restless children.
07. Good Books... Anything really...
08. My current Hobby, Blogging!
09. Dogs... in all shapes and sizes!
10. Elliots' Beach, my fav hangout...
11. Music... Anything's fine as long as it ain't too loud.
12. Photography... It's my new digi cam actually, how comfortable...
13. SMS!
14. Jokes... esp. the ones that make u laugh till ur tummy aches...
15. Movies... SciFi, Drama, Humor, Animation, Thrillers
16. 24 hour News Channels.
17. The Broad band experience.
18. Munnar and Manali... Heaven on earth!
19. Quiet moments spent in solitude as the world sleeps...
20. Daily morning dose of news print c/o The Hindu
21. Cartoons... Tom n' Jerry Rulze!
22. Early morning Jog in the park.
23. Radio Mirchi... Sama hot Machi!
24. Simple PC games... Short and Snappy.
25. Formula One Racing.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

How Gullible Are We?

I got a forwarded SMS from a pal asking me to give me a Missed Call to his mobile so that he could find it. I buzzed him back asking if anybody actually fell for this trick. He said his head count(of fools) was 8. I decide to give it a go... In spite of frequently making a fool of everyone around and developing a reputation of being a person who perpetually pulls practical jokes on others 10 people actually fell for it!! Then I chanced upon this article...

A freshman at Eagle Rock Junior High won first prize at the Greater Idaho Falls Science Fair, April 26, 1997. He was attempting to show how conditioned we have become to the alarmists practicing junk science and spreading fear of everything in our environment. In his project he urged people to sign a petition demanding strict control or total elimination of the chemical “dihydrogen monoxide.” And for plenty of good reasons, since...
1. it causes excessive sweating and vomiting
2. it is a major component in acid rain
3. it can cause severe burns in its gaseous state
4. it can kill you if accidentally inhaled
5. it contributes to erosion
6. it decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes
7. it has been found in tumors of terminal cancer patients

He asked 50 people if they supported a ban of the chemical dihydrogen monoxide. Forty-three said yes, six were undecided, and only one knew that the chemical was...

The title of his prize winning project was, “How Gullible Are We?” The conclusion is obvious.

'Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege'

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Would you've behaved in a Similar Fashion?

One day, a ten year old boy went to an ice-cream shop, sat at a table and asked the waitress, “How much is an ice-cream cone?” She said, “seventy-five cents”. The boy started counting the coins he had in his hand. Then he asked how much a small cup of ice-cream was. The waitress impatiently replied, sixty-five cents. The boy said, “I will have the small ice-cream cup”. He had his ice-cream paid the bill and left. When the waitress came to pick up the empty plate, she was touched. Underneath were ten one-cent coins as tip. The little boy has consideration for the waitress before he ordered his ice-cream. He showed sensitivity and caring. He thought of others before himself.

If we all thought like the little boy, we would have a great place to live. Show consideration, courtesy and politeness. Thoughtfulness shows a caring attitude.

Original Post by Karthique

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Rain Dance

My Stomach was grumbling, just two more pages I said to myself, let me finish this chapter and go home for lunch. But just as I shut the book the sky opened up and it started pouring. I had removed the rain coat from the haversack I carried to the University Library daily only today morning. Cursing myself I waited for a few minutes at the vehicle parking lot wishing the rain would stop, but it continued to pour down relentlessly.

Wet spectacles, dim light in the evenings and the glare of the headlights of the oncoming traffic have all prevented me from enjoying driving through the rain in the past. If not now, when I thought, putting on my helmet I started off as some of the waiting doctors stared at me as I was going in for a suicide.

The Sun was shining bright enough through the clouds to allow me a clear vision through my helmet visor. I always wanted to drive through the puddles of water spraying water on either side... But not wanting to wet myself and those around me I've resisted this pleasure for long. As I whizzed through empty roads filled with the less adventurous standing under bus shelters and trees hoping to wait out the rain, I really pitied them for not being able to enjoy what I was. I zig Zagged my way in the pouring rain cutting through every puddle spraying water on either side ah.... at last.... this was great.

As I turned into my lane all drenched and dripping, the rain stopped as if someone above turned off a switch.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The bright side

Your Monitor is dying... Hema told me when I complained that the pictures weren't bright enough on my PC's Monitor. We tried fiddling with all the buttons on the monitor and with the Gamma correction on the driver software but to no avail...He pronounced the death sentence again, and told me I had no other go but to get a new monitor.

So, I got myself one too... Presto! the change was obvious and instantaneous! When I finally visited my blog, I felt like puking... A navy blue background with Orange, Yellow and Green Polka Dots all over??? All along I had been thinking it was Black with subtle dots here and there!!! I decided at that moment it had to go... It took me a few minutes to change my template but all the tweaking took two days till I was satisfied... Here it is!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

India Pledges Aid to the USA - A Paradox?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has announced that India would contribute 5 million dollars to the United States Red Cross for relief and rehabilitation of the victims of the devastating hurricane Katrina.

While the Nationalists can do some chest thumping about the above deed that India is a growing super power so on and so forth...
Isn't it Paradoxical that India a country that was ranked 145th in the Gross National Income Per Capita (GNIPC) by the World Bank for 2004 is aiding a country that is ranked third in the list and whose GNIPC was over 12 times higher last year?

It's not as if all the citizens of our country have 3 meals a day and clean drinking water. It's not as if the US of A is short of money. It's not as if this 5 Million Dollars is going to make a big difference.

Why this unnecessary display of philanthropy? Who are we trying to please? Who are we trying to impress?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

1984 Riots through the Retrospectoscope

They were burning him as if playing a normal street game. A few kept him pinned down to the ground while others poured petrol on him. After kicking him to the content of their hearts they torched him. With a burning body, he ran here and there. Someone brought a burning tire and with the help of a long rod and put it around his neck, receiving a great round of applause. They clapped and they chatted. There was no sound coming from him. He just ran like a giant flame, aimlessly flailing his arms in order to capture something in the air. They playfully avoided him, giggling, joking. Then he fell on the ground, giving up the fight against the unknown demons. Some just danced around without purpose, clapping each others’ backs. None looked angry. None of them looked familiar. I watched this from my window. I knew that it was just a matter of someone pointing to our house. With bated breath I waited. Every second was like an hour. I knew they would move on looking for the next victim to kill, the next house or shop to loot and burn, but when? Would they discover our house before that? This thought redefined the way I think of home. This was the same road that used to look so friendly, brimming with neighbors and tens of familiar faces. Now, at a grey dusk, it looked like the shadow of hell, with strange, unknown monsters wandering around as if they owned the world. In my right hand I held my crutch, and in my left hand I held a cricket bat. My legs trembled with fear and excitement while I remembered my grandfather saying, “If we have to die, Veera (brother), let’s make sure we take one of them with us.” I knew I couldn’t even raise the heavy bat but it was kind of reassuring to hold it. My sisters had already been sent upstairs to our Hindu neighbors. I had refused to go, and my mother had silently accepted that if we were attacked, I was to be the first one to confront the mob because whenever loud noises seemed to be approaching, she would say, “Pali uth, crutches pale!” (Pali, get up and put on your crutches!)

Read the Rest of the touching tale at Amrit's Blog

and my earlier post on the subject

Friday, September 02, 2005

Terrorism through the Retrospectoscope

You shall reap what you sow...
The cartoon below pretty much summarizes the current world scenario.

The Americans trained and armed the Taliban in Afghanistan through the Pakistanis to counter the Soviets. When the Soviets were gone the Taliban took over and when 9/11 happened, the Americans shattered the country in search of Osama. But now Osama had friends in the Oil rich Saudi and other Islamic nations, he continues to evade the Americans. Even if Osama dies he will only become a Martyr. Osama and his group of capricious freaks who call themselves Al-Quaeda have already attained a cult status that wouldn't die down even if Bush's army hunts down every single one of them.

With an unfinished war in Afghanistan, Bush set his sights on Iraq. Again it was the west that armed Saddam to counter Iran. There was no doubt for the Americans that WMDs existed because it was they who trained and helped Iraq build them in the first place. Either the WMDs are well hidden or have already found their way to some terrorist organization to be used against the west in the near future. Like 9/11 and 7/7 those incidents would also become symbols... Memories... Reasons for further witch hunts.

The arbitrary Slaughter of innocent civilians like on 9/11 and 7/7 are not crimes against the US or UK but against the whole humanity. Nowadays terrorism is seldom based on justifiable causes, they are rebels without a cause, if not the US or Europe there's always Israel or India! For that reason Terrorism will not and cannot succeed in a civilized world.

Religion and not politics is the motivator of present day terrorism for that reason the 'War on Terror' will never succeed either. Bush's War is so dishonest and unmindful of the root cause. Dishonest because America discriminates between terrorist and terrorist. While transfer of Nuclear technology by Pakistan was acceptable, potential acquisition by Iraq was not. Unless we remove the conditions that feed terrorism, Terrorism will continue as long as humanity exists...

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I was back in the Temple City for some work at the College. Madurai... A city built around a temple, with each concentric square having a North, East, South and West @#$%& Road. The place hardly befits the suffix city, it would be better off referred to as a town though it continues to be called a city because the nearest 'real cities' are a few hundred kilometers away!!

I had gone to Madurai to work on a minor research project for an upcoming conference, which explains my absence on Blogger. I met my Medicine Professor( A gem of a man, who never ceases to amaze all around him), fine tuned my idea and prepared the basics of the study. All was going well with my study on 'Birth Weight of Infants born to HIV+ mothers', the control was done, the necessary clearance obtained from the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Professor...

My free run hit a Road Block when I had to meet an Assistant Professor of the O&G Department (lets say Dr.C) who was in charge of child births to HIV+ mothers. She was unaware of the conference so after getting all the details from me, she asked me to return the next day with a different pro forma. The next day after the data was collected she took all the proformas and registers home for reasons she didn't bother to explain. On Saturday afternoon last week, with just a week to go for the deadline for abstract submission she informed me that the O&G Professor had decided to present a paper on the same topic and so I had to quit!!! When I told her that it was the O&G Professor had earlier permitted me to start the work, she rudely told me it was 'none of my business'

Shocked and dejected I informed me my Medicine Professor about the new development, declension rather. He assured me that he would try to reclaim my work for me after the weekend. On Tuesday when we were able to meet the O&G Professor, we learnt that she was totally unaware of the paper and Saturday's events. Confused we approached Dr.C, the woman who was probably twice my age couldn't even face me. She yielded to the Medicine Professor questioning that she had decided to present a paper on that topic!!! Repeated requests by the Medicine Professor to let me at least be a second author (for my work) fell on deaf ears.

'Kaput' went my hopes, but my anger flared up at my own helplessness. She was going to present a paper at a conference that I had told her about and on a study I had worked on for several days... and nights... I cursed myself for my naivety for trusting her with the data, But has the human race degenerated to a state where we can't trust our own teachers?

With a steely resolve not to be bogged down by the actions of a selfish woman I completed another work before the deadline. On the bright side, my Medicine Professor helped me spawn off two more papers from the data I still had and most importantly I learnt a valuable lesson on TRUST!

When I emptied my cup of woes to a few of my friends, I learnt of a few instances where teachers have misused the work of students and have claimed the work of others as their own. I don't know if this is a situation only in my college or the medical fraternity alone but Beware!

Some people learn from the mistakes of others, Others try to learn things the hard way through personal experience enduring much hardship and pain along the way. I learnt it the hard way... hope you don't too...

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

BLOG Day 2005

I'll stick to a few known BLOGs
1. The First Blog I Read - Ramya's was quite uninteresting though.
2. Why I'm here - Ashwini went into hibernation for a while heard she's back!
3. An inspiration - Arka's Blog inspired me to add Blogrolls, Sitemeters, now Google Search
4. A Confused Blogger - Raj's Blog, As the title goes....
5. Humorous - Rajesh Advani's Blog

Unfortunately I came to know of BLOG day only on the September 2nd from 6. Megha's Blog But I'm posting it as a Blog Day post

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Headlines....

A country of a Billion people...
Thousands of newspapers...
Hundreds of TV Channels and Radio Stations...
All have the same news headlines...
Death, Dacoity, Robbery, Scams, Rape, Politicians' squabbles...
Does anything else ever hit the headlines?

News from India : of positive action, steely endeavour and quiet triumphs ~ news that is little known proclaims the website

Its filled with unusual stories of how ordinary men have changed the lives of their fellow Indians.

From the rich dividends TamilNadu is reaping due to Rain water harvesting to
The story of Sulabh Sauchalya the 'Toilet Revolution' that finally lead to the abolishment of the scavenging class...

Its all there...
But what a pity... While we have thousands of articles with bad news... This site has only a hundred such articles of news that's little known. Go check it out anyway!!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Only in India!

The 1984 Anti-Sikh riots in Delhi...
Over 4000 dead...
21 years and
13 investigation commissions later...
Only 536 cases registered
only 6 convicted...
the congress got away with the resignation of just two ministers...

No wonder the extremists in Gujarat had the audacity to carry out the Post-Godhra riots... and Narendra Modi got away with it too...

The Bofors gun deal...
an estimated Rupees Sixty crore kickbacks paid by the Bofors company to the Indians,
Almost 20 years later after Rupees 650 crore was spent investigating...
none convicted...

No wonder we're still being ruled by Laloos and Ammas...

Our country has a glorious past and is filled with such enterprising and brilliant people. We're still where we are rather than where we should be even after 58 years of Independence only because of the the politicians... the bureaucrats... the judiciary... the whole system...
Everything has to change, and drastically it should otherwise, we will still be here in another 58 years too...

Jai Hindh!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Leptospirosis spreads through infected rat's urine.
Though it commonly enters through damaged skin, it can also enter through intact skin but generally only if immersed in water for long periods.

Some symptoms... Its very vague
Body ache
Redness in the eye

skin rashes,
large areas of bruising,

bleeding from the nose
vomiting blood
blood with faeces
blood with urine
decreased quantity of urine

so don't panic, just visit a good doc.

Doxycycline capsule(100mg) twice in a day on ONLY one day every week till the outbreak ends.

Doxycycline is not a brand name, different companies will sell with different names, the pharmacist will know.
Doxycycline should be taken only immediately after food, otherwise it induces gastritis and may cause vomiting.

This post is in Public interest only, Contact your nearest doctor if you've a problem.

I've kept it as simple as possible without much medical mumbo-jumbo...
If you've any doubt feel free to contact me...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Promises & Commitments

A master carpenter was set to retire after a long and dedicated career building houses for a prominent contractor. At the very beginning of his illustrious tenure he had to promise the contractor that every house he built would be would be built with dedication, care and love as if it was the most important project he had ever been given.

Getting ready to retire, the carpenter went to his boss and informed him that the house he had just completed would be his last. The boss said he was sorry to see him go and asked if he would be kind enough to do a final favor for him. 'Just build me one more house' requested the employer, then you're free to go.' The carpenter, who respected his boss a great deal, agreed and immediately got to work on the new house. But unlike every other house he had built over the years, he did not use the full extent of his expertise with this final one and took every shortcut he knew, used inferior materials and hurried to get the task over with so that he could begin his life as a retired man.

Within weeks the house was completed and the carpenter informed the boss of this fact. 'Thanks for doing this for me, these are for you.' the employer said, handing him over the the keys to the front door. The house you just built is my parting gift for all your years of hard work and dedication.' The carpenter was astounded, he could not believe that the home he had just built was his own.

Because he had breached his core commitment, he ended up living in the only inferior home that he had ever built....

Monday, August 01, 2005

A life lost in vain...

On the night of 29 July 2005 at 11 PM me and my friend were returning from Elliot's Beach, Chennai after a chat with some of my friends.
We were traveling on my bike on the Beasant Avenue that passes through the Theosophical Society when I saw a Road Traffic Accident victim lying in a pool of blood. I parked my vehicle immediately and rushed to make a check. As I proceeded with the ABC of resuscitation it was clear that the person was very much alive though he had sustained a head injury and a part of his brains had spilled on to the road...

A number of good Samaritans joined me... As I monitored his pulse some tried to reach his relatives, some regulated the traffic and some tried to call the emergency numbers on their mobile phones in vain. On a road without Public Calling Booths, none of the emergency numbers were reachable and the recently much publicized 'Apollo Hospitals' Helpline 1066 turned up with an Invalid number response on our mobile phones.

As two of them left for the nearby 'M**** Hospital', at Adyar to fetch an ambulance, I watched helplessly over the dying soul. As the Victim was lying in the middle of the road some of the people wanted to move him to the side, I advised them against doing so saying, the para-medical people would be better prepared to remove the victim without aggravating any possible spine injury.

An Ambulance from the 'M**** Hospital' arrived in a short while, with just two lay-men who were not prepared for dealing with the situation. The Driver and the two men just stood there staring at the victim doing nothing. The crowd got a bit restless and started yelling at them before they started moving and removed the stretcher from the ambulance and assembled it. Shamelessly the two hesitated to even lift the victim, the good samaritans around me finally did the job of lifting the victim on to the stretcher 'to hell with protecting the spine......' As the victim was loaded on to the ambulance his pulse was still going strong normal in rate and rhythm...

I drove to the hospital anger swelling within me at my helplessness and at the hospital. At the hospital the duty doctor checked the victim and declared him dead... Totally dumbfounded I protested, he gave me his stethoscope and connected the victim to the ECG Monitor... The straight line on the monitor and the dilated pupil confirmed the duty doctor's conclusion. The Nurses who should've accompanied the ambulance in the first place,stood there, just watching... I learnt one thing All Nurses aren't Florence Nightingales and Many Nurses are very lazy not only in the government set-up, But also in the private set-up...

As I left for home I felt ashamed of my helplessness and anger towards the corporate medical establishment... I had trouble sleeping that night. In the morning I contacted the hospital and the PRO promised to get back to me with the details of an enquiry. Later in the day, she called back to inform me that, in a Hospital board meeting they had decided henceforth Para-Medical staff would accompany the ambulance anytime for any case A lesson learnt at the price of a life?. AND the two men had hesitated only fearing Medico-legal complications and harassment by the police also because the victim's families sometimes refuse to pay Which is more important Money or a life?

And Apollo Hospitals which has been giving out advertisements even on the FM Radio... It seems the STD code should be pre-fixed before the emergency number when calling from mobile phones. So from Chennai it would be 0441066 for Apollo. Also 112 is the international emergency number for GSM Mobile phones which can be used to contact the local police control room even when your mobile service provider doesn't have a signal in the area But if some other operator has a signal.

Though I realized I couldn't have helped the victim, I've gained a valuable lesson in case of future emergencies....

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hot Parattas and the Head of State...

A few days back when my mom asked me to get some Parattas for dinner I took my bike and navigated through a few inner roads before joining TTK road. In the small stretch I crossed hardly a tenth of the whole road I saw 4-5 traffic constables waving the traffic on either side. At a four road junction which doesn't have a signal and is usually left unattended at most times I spotted 2 traffic constables and a traffic Inspector regulating the traffic, I knew something was wrong...

Totally baffled I thought I should ask the traffic Inspector who had held me up for over 2 minutes at that junction But then as he let us go I proceeded to the restaurant and purchased the Parattas. The hot parcel dangling on the handlebar of my motor bike I began my journey home 15-20 minutes later.

As I crossed the one way TTK road and entered I could see the waiting traffic near the bridge. As usual I wriggled my way through the traffic to reach the edge of the waiting traffic. After a while the pilot vehicles started coming on the bridge eager to catch a glance of the VIP I craned my neck to look at the bridge. Maybe our PM was in town... But maybe the US president was in town... Or Maybe it was GOD!!! Few minutes and several vehicles later an SUV blazed through... Guess who? it was our AMMA! Afterwards what looked like ambulances and security vehicles followed. A minute or two after the whole convoy had passed, they let us go, on the whole almost a ten minute wait.

Instead of regulating traffic and saving lives all over the city, the Chennai City Traffic Police is being misused to give AMMA's convoy a free ride home. These arrangements would put those made for our PM or a visiting head of state to shame. As I re-entered TTK road I made a check on the Odometer till I entered the streets leading to my home. unbelievable but 7 traffic policemen had stood in the stretch of about 350 metres I had traveled! Imagine how many traffic police men would've stood all along the way till Amma's new home on the Old Mahabalipuram Road!! Imagine all of the standing to attention saluting AMMA!!! Imagine this happening daily!!!!


Though the Head of our state must have reached home with her convoy in hot pursuit, The Hot Parattas were not so hot when i reached home!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Religion and its interpretations

'The Imrana Rape Case' as blown up by the media... A case that fuelled anti-Muslim sentiments around the country... But there remain several unanswered questions...

Did the alcohol inebriated Father-in-law really try to molest Imrana?
Is Imrana using the law as a weapon against her in law?
Does an attempt to molest constitute rape as blown out of proportions by the media?
If a woman willingly consents for a physical relationship with her father-in-law, then her relationship with her husband maybe placed in a precarious position... BUT for no fault of her own because her father-in-law tried to molest her should she be penalized?

that's why we've the police to investigate and the courts to Judge. But the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has overlooked these purely logical questions and has issued a 'Shariat' (a law) stating that Imrana's marriage to her husband stands nullified and she should live away from her husband!!!

'The Quran' states the punishment for rape should be death. When the Muslim Board is incapable of carrying out what 'the Quran' tells against the accused is it justified in issuing a Shariat against the victim?

Another case that was in the news at the same time... Though it had happened a few years ago...
A tribal council in Pakistan had ordered the rape of Mukhtaran Mai because her brother had an affair with a girl of a different class! One of the courts had even acquitted the perpetrators of this heinous act and now the case has reached the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

All religions say everyone is equal in the eyes of god but why this paradox when it comes to men and women? Its not jut Islam, Hinduism and Christianity are no exceptions to these Paradoxes either its just that the Islamic ways seem so harsh to us. The Hindu law doesn't provide for equal inheritance to daughters and sons for their father's property. How can we call India a land of equals when the law discriminates between men and women and between religions? We need a COMMON CIVIL CODE, But like every other remediable problem in the country the political establishment lacks the political-will to push it through.

No religion preaches that woman should be treated inferior to men, Its because of the people who interpret the religion have interpreted it so and the wrong interpretation has been propagated through the generations accumulating such muck. RELIGIONS WERE FORMED AGES AND AGES AGO, TIMES HAVE CHANGED A LOT AND SO HAVE OUR CULTURES AND PRACTICES, SO SHOULD RELIGIONS AND THEIR PREACHERS OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE MANY MORE IMRANAS AND MUKHTARAN MAIS

Monday, July 25, 2005

The One Minute Conservationists

Driving in Chennai is much better than in Madurai but for the numerous traffic signals! Driving my splendor I always manage to wriggle through the traffic at the signals and reach the stop line. But when I don't that's when I'm faced with these One-minute Conservationists

The countdown timers installed in the last few years on most traffic signals are a boon to people like me, I speed up if the signal is gonna stop soon and if I'm stopped at a signal I'm ready with the first gear down by the time its just a second or two to go.

But then I don't belong to the class of the One-minute Conservationists... You can spot the members of this class any day any time at a busy signal they switch off their engines even if they've to wait for just a minute at the traffic signal. They don't start their engines even when it goes 3..2..1.. But wait till the Green light comes on to start kicking their vehicles to life. The Worst of this class are the auto-rickshaws, these guys wait in a half crouched posture with one hand on the start lever and they too wait for 3..2..1.. to get over before they start tugging the lever But then these rickety old machines don't start in one go do they? Sometimes they even get down out of their autos, oblivious to the traffic behind, to have a go at the lever trying to coax the engine into life.

I've been made to miss signals because of these people even when I've been just 25-30m away from the stop-line. When the signal light goes green and you can't see any motor vehicles moving you know the front-line is full of these One-minute Conservationists. I don't understand what is it that these people are trying to Conserve... If it's the environment... They end up spewing a burst of thick black smoke from their vehicles when they start up and Vroom before they get moving anyway. If it's due to the sky-rocketing fuel prices I don't think the engine whiling for a minute would consume as much as fuel as fresh start not to mention the missed ones...

Its a free world people can do whatever they want BUT not at the cost of other people's time!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Exam Mode @#$%$%#^@@^#&

When its a month to go for a major exam, I'm always the same living in my artificial environs reading, eating , sleeping and of course reading the News Paper.
The Doors are shut so are my windows, the blinds are drawn and the tube lights are on even at 12 noon! The relative lack of noise and disturbance at night makes it the most appropriate time for my activities, inactivity rather in the physical sense;-)

So when I sleep at 5AM and get up 11AM I dunno whether I should Breakfast or Lunch... Then its books all day with a short nap in between. A Family dinner at 8PM leaves me drowsy for an hour and all hungry at 2 AM in the night.... Morning rather... After a nocturnal snack and an Ice tea which I make its back to the books for another 3 hours...

Now that my exams are over and so is my holiday and I'm Back!

Addendum to my previous post:
The Supreme Court reaffirmed my faith in the law of the land by quashing AMMA's order. But AMMA says she'll be back next year with something else!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Tamil Nadu - Where being Young is a crime....

A week back AMMA quashed thousands of hopes with a single G.O. when she deemed the Common Entrance Test, the TNPCEE void and that admissions to colleges would be based only on the marks obtained in the 12th board examinations. Also the Improvement scores were cancelled. All the above with immediate effect and would be followed in the future too...

AMMA's reasons:
  • The TNPCEE exerted undue pressure on the students and parents... Are we gonna entrust the future to Doctors and engineers who can't handle pressure situations?
  • TNPCEE coaching centers are making a lot of money... More than what AMMA gets under the table?
  • Rural students find themselves at a disadvantage because of the TNPCEE... The government schools they study in have such low teaching standards, Shouldn't the schools be spruced up instead?

The Actual Reason:

PMK which lacks an ideology or issues had raked up this issue and AMMA scrapped the TNPCEE so that PMK didn't gain political mileage from this....

BUT What about the thousands who spent a whole year to improve their scores? Shouldn't they have been informed last year itself?

What about the efforts of the thousands of students who studied hard for the TNPCEE?

Apart from these humanitarian Considerations....

The new ranking system is a joke!!!

The Order of Priority:

  1. Biology/Mathematics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Date of Birth!!!!
  5. Lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The statistics reveal there are 200 students who have 200/200 in the Medical ranking!!! And there are almost another 3000 students between 199.75 to 199.00.

So in medicine where there are only about 1200 seats the Oldest of the 200 scorers will get MMC while the youngest might land up in one of the not so good colleges. And someone who gets 199.50 or 199.25 might not get anything at all!!!

The CET is Objective and is not prone to human errors unlike the board examinations which are prone to the vagaries of the examiners... If the CET alone had been declared as the sole system for ranking it would have been logical BUT.... Amma gives a damn for logic! Its a pity that the educational system is being ruined by petty politics...

One things for sure.... I'm glad I cleared 12th 6 years back!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Formula One - Misplaced Priorities

I've been a keen follower of Formula one races since the time when Michael Schumacher was the Underdog and Hakkinen was having his engineered run at the top for two successive years.

After Hakkinen's Downfall, rather after Schumacher and Ferrari returned to their winning ways there was no looking back for Schumi as he surpassed one record after another. Rain or shine his precise driving and the Ferrari stratergy bagged race after race.

Then came the spate of Rule changes...
First came the one lap qualifiers.
Then the points system was changed so that the second place finisher got 2 more points. But who could stop someone who always came first?
Then came the 2005 rule changes that curtailed tyre and engine changes and Ferrari too.

We're probably living in the era of the greatest of Formula one drivers, barring Ayrton Senna's prematurely ended career no one has come anywhere close to dominating Formula one Racing so much as this Seven time World Champion. But all Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA are worried about is their pockets because some people think F1 racing has become Monotonous and Boring due to Michael Schumacher's winning ways.
Is the FIA Justified in bringing in all these rule changes to combat dropping television viewership?

Is the spirit of the sport important or the people who pay to watch it?

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Sun Rise

I don't consider myself lazy BUT after burning Midnight Oil for 6 years of my college life, I had seen the sun rise only a few times that too during an NCC camp. I had joined the Owls, Bats and the other creatures of the night that function better at night.

I was never excepting any of this to Change when I shifted back home to Chennai after college. My increasing waistline, total lack of exercise and the hot summer prompted me to go for swimming at my dad's club pool.

Some of the Characters who frequent the pool....
  • The next 'Thorpedo' : This kid always waits for someone to come by before he crosses just ahead, and always he fails and I end up waiting for him to pas by.
  • The 'Big fat Sub' : This guy also waits for someone to cross before crossing Only he crosses underneath! Though the pool is comfortably deep Trust me its not a funny sight to see someone crossing underneath You...
  • The Bug : This kid who keeps calling me uncle! Even though I've tried explaining to him I'm not old enough :-(
  • The 'Military Dad': This guy comes along with his two kids and keeps telling them that they should swim 25 laps up and down the pool (for the 25 bucks he paid???) and keeps counting 24.. 23.. The Kids though, they keep fooling around.
  • The 'Floating Flirt': Literally this jerk floats from one gal to another and flirts... I recently read an article by a gal about 5 essentials for a guy, one among those was to carry a good book which would make good for at least two minutes of conversation with a gal. Here I found the advice being put into use real time... The only book he knows is 'The monk who sold his Ferrari' He advises the naive gals (some hardly class 8) to read Non-Fiction!!!
  • Then there are those huge fatsos who displace the water in the pool by diving in and the really sweet Kid who's hardly 4 or 5 who floats around the pool always smiling.
  • Then there are the numerous anxious parents who put a chair wherever there's shade and jump up and down every time their kid does something.

This Circus starts at 7, So I sleep before midnight, get up before six and leave the pool by 7.

But then I get to see the Sun rise daily!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Killer Stick!

Rajnikanth flicks a Cigarette in the air shoots it backhand with his pistol and when the cigarette falls down it not only lands right between his lips, its lit up and ready to smoke... The crowds go into a frenzy in the theatre, they love it that's what they came to see, Rajni's style! Vijayakanth lights match sticks on his enemies and lights up his cigarette and blurts out a punch line! And the audience start applauding...

Living in a country that churns out as many films as Hollywood, cinema has become an integral part of our life, more so with the advent of the Satellite Channels. We get exposed to Cinema at quite a young age and such antics on screen can have a deep impact on the fan who wants to mimic the macho image of his hero. Young men even boys who see their hero blowing smoke circles watch in awe and try to imitate and before they know it they're hooked on to the habit. And once they start its difficult to quit. Peer pressure is another factor.

But Reel life is mostly only a reflection of Real life mixed with a bit of the creator's imagination. Its not that a majority of the men and some women don't already smoke But if actors are a bit more responsible and desist from doing sending the wrong message across the screen it will not only help existing Smokers give up it will also stem the rising number of new smokers.

Actors definitely know the impact they've on their audience that's why we have so many actors becoming successful politicians. I'm not telling every actor should start preaching pearls of wisdom in their films But at least they can stop misleading young minds.

The government which in recent times has taken the initiative to curb the health hazard like banning smoking in public places, banning advertising tobacco products, restricting sale of tobacco products near schools and to under age boys etc has now taken the task of reforming filmdom and has banned all smoking in films to be released.

But laws are meant to be broken, for some there always loop holes!Like when the government banned advertising of Tobacco and Alcoholic products we started seeing ads for WILLS lifestyle, KINGFISHER mineral water, BACARDI cassettes and CD's, 100 pipers Pure music...

But what if a film maker wants to show someone who smokes and later succumbs to disease due to his habits? The law will Restrict the filmmakers canvass definitely But I guess he'll have to die of something else then. Or the law should have provisions to selectively allow such movies and they should be cleared on a case to case basis to prevent misuse. Don't gambling, rowdyism, violence on screen have a bad impact on the people too? Will the government try to restrict such things on screen in the future too?

I hope filmmakers and our screen idols realize their duty to the society and give the Killer stick a kick in the ass and start acting responsibly!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Adam n Eve

My favorite Channels: Headlines Today and NDTV 24X7 Partly because of my general outlook toward life to be well informed and partly because of the Set Top Box implementing a curfew on other channels in Chennai!

There have been many incidents of rape hitting the news recently, I had attributed it to my recent spurt in watching TV after a 6 year hiatus due to hostel life and to the news channels' attitude of sensationalism!

But the statistics are stunning when it hits you, where's India heading for?
One woman is raped and two kidnapped in New Delhi everyday!
AND its just 30% of the national average!!

April this year a cop in Mumbai had the audacity to Rape a schoolgirl in a police booth right in the middle of a crowded junction!Maybe because he knew the conviction rate in the country is an abysmal 4.8%!!!

But all hope is not lost for the 'weaker sex' A fast track court in Rajasthan recently handed out life sentences in just 15 days! A record of sorts by the over burdened Indian Judiciary but such isolated judgments are not enough to send a strong message to the rapists...
If there's one rape a day in New Delhi alone why cant there be one conviction a day at least? Maybe there should be harsher punishments...
Maybe all rapists should be hanged to death
OR maybe We should start stoning rapists like in Arab countries
OR maybe we should castrate these guys and cut of their dicks too!
Not only rape, Even minor acts like groping a woman shouldn't be let off so easily!

Last year Akku Yadav a serial rapist was killed in a court by a mob of women who were victimized by him! An inspiring tale to the rest of the nation... I'm not saying that the victims should take law into their own hands BUT why not if justice eludes the victim?

One things for sure if the women choose to remain silent spectators this thing is never gonna end! Learning the arts of Self defense and carrying small make shift weapons is only a temporary solution. There should be a shift in the mindset of men towards women. One way out is Sex education at school BUT what good is it when most of these guys are uneducated or are inebriated by alcohol when they commit these acts?

One thing I'm sure of Eve shouldn't have given the apple to Adam, she should have eaten it herself!!

Women Politicians!

In 2003, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government introduced the The Women's Reservation Bill which eventually lapsed due to lack of consensus. How glad I was that the bill fell through!

It's not that I'm a male Chauvinist but my opinions about Woman politicians have never been great. Taking the 13 month BJP government for instance, it was a loosely woven coalition of power hungry politicians with a wafer thin majority . And the most of important of all it constituted 3 parties that were led by women, the BSP by Mayawati, the Trinamool Congress by Mamata Banerjee and the AIADMK by our very own AMMA!

The government in New Delhi shook everytime these 3 pillars threw tantrums and some special envoy of the PM had to be sent to pacify these Women leaders. The country suffered from lack of a stable government and concrete policies and all that mattered to these women were their own personal interests. AMMA wanted to escape the law Mamata wanted a Specific ministry and Mayawati was leading another coalition with the BJP at UP. I despised the three and the collapse of the government was quite a relief to me.

Not being a great fan of the Dynasty politics in Congress I'm quite skeptical about Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka too.
Take Uma Bharathi the Sanyasin, She gave LK Advani jitters even though the BJP is not in power by threatening to quit politics if she weren't given a party post. Shouldn't she have done that when she started calling herself a Sanyasin?
And back to Mayawati, she's now threatening to pull the plug on the UPA which she supports from the outside because... The CBI is proceeding against her in the Taj heritage corridor scam.

Take Bihar, Laloo cant rule so his wife Rabri Devi is ruling the state! Leaders should set examples and an example of how a leader shouldn't be is the Pan Chewing often doped Laloo and his wife and some nine kids! How will the state ever implement family planning initiatives with these two on the top? How will the state ever improve with an ever growing population now that the mineral rich Jharkand is a separate state? With fewer sources of income and bad leadership the state is nowhere on the road to prosperity.

At Chennai where i live, my locality the seat for the councilor is reserved for women again here the Local Dada's wife is the one who faces the poll. But no prizes for guessing who's the real power around here.

My point is Not only that most of the Woman politicians we already have are driven by personal gain they are incapable of providing stability to the country. Its not that the country does not have good women leaders its just that we don't have enough to fill up 33% of our local councils, assemblies and the Parliament. The reservation will only lead to substitution by the wife or a relative who'll end up being remote controlled.

The Final word:
Even though I'm totally opposed to reservations, If there has to be a reservation for women then why not 50% in all educational institutions? Let Women develop into leaders rather than thrusting elected posts onto them with a reservation.I don't know if the future Women politicians will also be like Amma or Maya But I hope not for INDIA's sake.... Only time will tell...

Monday, May 30, 2005

Here I am!

The fastest way to understand blogging is to try it out, says the Quick Tour of Blog Spot, so Here I am!
Being an avid reader of The Hindu Newspaper from the age of 12 I've read about Blogs many a time on the Net Speak Column. I've read about the role of Blogs during the Havoc caused By the tsunami in SE Asia and the havoc caused by George Bush Jr. and his goons in Iraq
I always told myself I was too busy for this.

The first time I visited a friend's Blog she was ranting about Set Top Boxes... I thought how boring!
The next Blog I visited was today, It was of that of an aquaintance through Orkut I hardly know and haven't met. Her's was quite a new one though, but bubbling with a variety of thoughts on different topics, there I spotted a post on Politics (my perennial favorite) and then I knew I had to get a Blog myself.
So Here I am!

PS:Thanks Ash!